Metro Istanbul EFQM External Assessment Conducted

Metro istanbul efqm external evaluation was carried out
Metro istanbul efqm external evaluation was carried out

An external evaluation of the EFQM Management Model, which is one of the important steps taken by Metro Istanbul to develop a sustainable management approach that aims to improve management and business processes further, is people-oriented and is also not dependent on people. General Manager Özgür Soy said, "We support every step taken to improve the processes of our company."

Metro Istanbul has started the EFQM 2020 Model studies in order to further improve management and business processes by increasing the level of corporate maturity and sustainable corporate success. In accordance with this purpose; European Foundation for Quality Management (European Foundation for Quality Management - EFQM) Turkey representative of Turkey Quality Association (Kal) is a team formed by, he realized EFQM External Evaluation for detecting the current status of the Metro Istanbul.

4-day evaluation process

After about 2 months of preparation, training and preparation of application documents before the evaluation, Metro Istanbul went through a 4-day evaluation process. In this context, interviews involving company managers and employees were held and the external evaluation process was successfully completed. After the evaluation, the closing meeting and the evaluation of the prepared report were made, and ideas were exchanged on what to do in the upcoming period.

"We want employees who take initiative, not instructions"

Metro Istanbul General Manager Özgür Soy, who attended the closing and evaluation meetings, reminded that Metro Istanbul is a long-established company with a 32-year history and more than 5 thousand employees. Expressing that they aim to increase the quality by adding innovations to the company, Özgür Soy said, “The first change we want to make is the culture of saving. Secondly, when we look at rail systems around the world, we see that it is a very male-dominated sector, but we set out to create a family atmosphere that prioritizes women and prioritizes merit and career development. Third, we attach great importance to performance-based management. "We aim to move from a management where people work by taking instructions to a structure where there is a service standard at all levels, people are more willing to take initiative and teamwork is supported."

"Our goal is to become one of the world's leading companies"

Stating that they support all steps taken to improve the business processes of the company, General Manager Soy said, “In this sense, we find the EFQM model important. We believe that the model will allow us to evaluate ourselves and our business processes from a different perspective. Turkey's leading urban rail system operator as a high performance organization that our journey will continue our work on the EFQM Model direction to enter one of the leading companies in Europe and the world, our passengers, we aim to always provide the best quality service. While maintaining our pioneering role in our industry, we aim to provide services to Istanbul residents with our public company hat, as well as providing areas that will provide different experiences in line with their needs and expectations ”.

"We are aware that people are temporary and institutions are permanent"

Firstly, with the EFQM model; Noting that they aim to maintain passenger satisfaction in order for the company to grow independently from external conditions in a crisis environment, Özgür Soy said, “Also; We aim to carry out our business processes and management system in line with targets and strategies, to lay the foundations of a common corporate culture and working principle, to guarantee the necessary basic conditions for passenger satisfaction, employee health and environmental impacts. We are aware that people are temporary and institutions are permanent. Therefore, after 50 years, we want to implement a sustainable management model and an institutional system where even our grandchildren who use the metro lines in Istanbul can eat their fruits ”.

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