Hygiene Mobilization from Mersin Metropolitan

hygiene mobilization from the great city of Mersin
hygiene mobilization from the great city of Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, taken from March, when seen in Turkey coronavirus outbreak of the epidemic disinfection process pursued rigorously since sıklaştırdı with the new measures.

9 thousand 11 times of disinfection in 623 months

With the new measures taken due to the epidemic, the teams of the Department of Environmental Protection and Control of the Metropolitan Municipality regularly disinfect the common areas of the citizens every day in order to minimize the possibility of the spread of the epidemic.

Elevators, stops, overpasses, places of worship, benches, parks, walking and bicycle paths, children's playgroups and ATMs, which are among the common areas, remain immaculate with the intense work of the teams. The teams, which regularly disinfected every area used by the citizens, especially the places where hand contact is intense, applied 9 disinfection at thousands of points over a period of 11 months.

Antiviral cleaning products are used

While the teams of the Department of Transportation clean the buses used by the citizens with bleach between each trip, they carry out detailed disinfection inside the vehicles every evening. The teams carefully clean every point in the vehicle, especially the windows, pipes, grips and seats that citizens come into contact with.

The teams, which destroy bacteria and viruses during the disinfection process, use active surface cleaning products with antiviral properties, work hard for the health of the citizens.

"Our citizens are relieved as we do these practices"

Bülent Gül, Disinfection and Disinfection Field Inspection Officer of the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, stated that they have increased their disinfection works with the new measures taken, and said, “Within the scope of the new measures taken, we also increased the number of our team and increased our work. We do our disinfection work with antiviral cleaning products that kill bacteria and viruses. In 9 months, we performed approximately 12 thousand disinfection applications at the points where our citizens come into contact. Our citizens are very worried about the virus, but as we implement these practices, our citizens both relax a little more and thank us for this, ”he said.

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