MAN Plans To Increase Its Market Claim With New Generation Vehicles

Man achieved success in every segment despite challenging pandemic conditions
Man achieved success in every segment despite challenging pandemic conditions

'End of Year Evaluation Press Meeting' of MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. was held. At the press conference held online for the first time this year due to pandemic conditions, MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Truck Sales Director Serkan Sara, Bus Sales Director Can Cansu, Second Hand Sales Director Aydın Yumrukçal, After-Sales Services Director Şinasi Ekincioğlu and Light Commercial Vehicle Country Sales Manager Cumhur Kutlubay shared their evaluations for 2020 and their predictions for 2021.

Serkan Sara: "MAN will continue to grow in the heavy commercial vehicle market in 2021"

MAN trucks and tractors continued to be the choice of many industries, from logistics to construction, from infrastructure to transportation, in 2020, with their features and advantages. MAN vehicles pandemic despite the intense competition, the scene revealed that the difference in Turkey, indicating that the truck market Truck and Bus Tic. A.S. Truck Sales Director Serkan Sara said: “After closing 2019 as the leader in the imported truck market, we welcomed 2020 with the world launch of our new generation trucks. The flawless and completely renewed new generation of MAN trucks continued to set the standards this year with pioneering technology, superior performance, low fuel consumption, assistance systems and driver-oriented digital network systems. In the light of these new developments, the pandemic process started while we were planning the customer organizations. Starting in China, affecting the whole world, COVID-19 has affected everything, especially human health and psychology. With the decrease in demand, the forced decreases in production caused declines in the heavy commercial vehicle market, which started well in 2020, especially in the second quarter. With the quarantine period, the change in the way of doing business, going out of the usual processes, brought along uncertainty and contractions in the global economy.

MAN increased its market share in the tractor segment by 1,3 percent in August

While the world economies came to a halt with the coronavirus, the logistics sector continued its activities with an increasing intensity. In addition to the new investments in the logistics sector, which has been declining for years, these positive steps taken in this process have increased the demand despite the exchange rate effect. MAN, which started full-time production after overcoming the first busy period during which production restrictions were also experienced during the pandemic process, quickly responded to the increasing demand in the logistics sector. It increased its market share in the tractor segment, which was 7,6 percent at the end of March, by 1,3 percent at the end of August, to 8,9 percent. Despite all the negative developments experienced, the heavy commercial vehicle market expanded by almost 2019 percent at the end of November, in line with the expectations for the end of 130.

The truck market will continue to grow in 2021

Therefore, we believe that this enlargement process will continue ahead of us. Because we are starting the year 2021 with promising developments such as different vaccine alternatives developed against the virus. In the light of these positive developments, we think that the impact of the pandemic will decrease in our country, especially at the end of the second quarter of the year. Of course, this will positively contribute to both the acceleration of outstanding investment projects and the increase in customer purchases. Our expectation is that construction projects, which came to a halt in most of 2, will accelerate again in 2020 and the market for trucks over 2021 tons will grow by 12-2021 percent in 15 with new purchases. As MAN, we will continue to increase our market share in the new year.

New MAN TGX wins 'Truck of the Year' award

On the other hand, at the end of this year, our MAN TGX vehicle, which was evaluated by a jury of vehicle editors representing 24 major truck magazines across Europe, was awarded the “International Truck of the Year 2021 - Truck of the Year” award. Standing out with its quality, modern technical equipment and redesigned cabin concept from scratch, the MAN TGX surpassed its competitors with its technological innovations, as well as comfort, safety, sustainability, fuel consumption, ecological footprint and lifetime cost criteria.

MAN Truck and Bus Trade. A.S. In the last quarter of the year, we introduced the MAN TGX, which the jury consisting of expert journalists described as "a big step forward from the current generation", with our customers. Eyup Turkey's most important logistics companies Logistics, Logistics and Erhan who have made the delivery of our new vehicle I Egeli Logistics. In a short time, we received very positive feedback from our customers about MAN TGXs.

As MAN, we will continue to be the lifelong business partner of our customers in 2021 with a completely renewed product range for the future that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow ”.

Can Cansu: "We sold 2020 coaches in 99"

Despite the global epidemic Turkey Travel bus market was dominated in the first 2019 months of this year the total sales in 7. Complementing the challenging year with a successful sales graphic, MAN became the winner of 2020. Stating that MAN continues to be the favorite of its companies this year, MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Can Cansu, Bus Sales Director, said: “The new MAN Lion's Coach and NEOPLAN Tourliner coaches, which were launched worldwide in 2018 and were highly acclaimed, are now the youngest and most newly designed coaches in the industry. Tunceli in 2020 in Ankara, Mugla, from Artvin, Giresun, from Aksaray, Amasya from Malatya, Bursa to Diyarbakir from Istanbul to Izmir, Turkey's Sanliurfa We sold 99 coaches to all regions, either individually or as fleet sales. In this process, we sold coaches to different companies and some regions for the first time. The priority choice of the distinguished companies that place emphasis on fuel economy and even life-long product cost (TCO) and passenger comfort was the 'Coach of the Year 2020 - Bus of the Year' award, MAN Lion's Coach and NEOPLAN Tourliner. For the first time the seat fabric, the roof lining, a special metallic paint company logos seat up to finished, we offer all the details of bus travel to Turkey market designed with our customers. Individual, company-specific designed and manufactured the buses, in Turkey's busiest main line (Ankara - Istanbul, Istanbul - Izmir etc.) Of both passengers in the time they leave the company received great appreciation from both.

The last 2019 months of 4 have been a very productive period in terms of the coach market and passenger transportation. Based on these dynamics, travel companies planned serious investments in 2020. However, Covid-19 showed its negative impact in all sectors and living areas in the transportation sector. Within the scope of the restrictions, we did not travel between cities to protect our health for a long time. Despite all these developments, the total sales Turkey Travel bus market in 2019, caught the end of July 2020. We are currently heading towards a 2019 percent larger market than 50. This year, we delivered orders to many important fleets in the travel bus industry and completed 2020 with the sale of 99 coaches. This year, despite the pandemic, we increased our market share in the coach market, which was growing, and reached 21 percent. We aim to maintain this success chart in 2021.

The outstanding MAN Safety Concept goes further every year

MAN buses continue to be business-friendly with the advantages they offer as well as their features. The MAN Lion's Coach is more economical than ever, especially with the Euro 6d engine and TipMatic Coach automatic transmission, which makes the vehicle more environmentally friendly and more efficient. Indeed, at the end of 100, TÜV Bavaria confirmed that the MAN Lion's Coach can cover 19.4 km with an impressive low fuel consumption of 2019 liters. In the coach market where competition is intense and costs are very critical, MAN; It stands out from its competitors in customer satisfaction with its quality, long maintenance intervals, high fuel saving and being with its business partners for life in after-sales services. The MAN Lion's Coach buses, which were launched worldwide in 2018 and received the "Coach of the Year 2020" award in 2020, made a difference by reaching a sales figure of 3 in 2.500 years in the European market with these advantages.

Lion's City E wins Automotive Brand Contest 'Design Award'

MAN, which produced the first electric bus in 1970, continues to set the standards in this area as well. Combining half a century of experience in electric bus production with superior technology and rational design, MAN broke new ground with its electric bus Lion's City E. Entering the year with the 2020 IF Design Award, Lion's City E was deemed worthy of the 'Design Award' in the Commercial Vehicles category of the Automotive Brand Contest, which is considered one of the most prestigious competitions in the field of design in the world. The Lion's City E, which can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers in the 88-meter version and 18 in the 120-meter version, can produce a power from 160 kW to a maximum of 240 kW in a single bus. Lion's City E batteries can reach a range of 200 km reliably during their service life, and up to 280 km in favorable conditions.

Aydın Yumrukçal: "Extended warranty from MAN TopUsed up to 2 kilometers on the second hand"

The world threaten the global epidemic process, despite the recession in the economy MAN TopUsed in Turkey in 2020, truck / in attractive group sales compared to the previous year ` 'health, indicating that provides an increase in the MAN Truck & Bus Trading Co. Aydın Yumrukçal, Second Hand Sales Director, said: “We are currently serving our domestic customers at our Ankara center, Ostim Branch, İzmir and Konya Branches as well as the Asian and European sides of Istanbul and our additional sales point in Mersin. Thanks to our connections with the headquarters in Germany, we always keep the global markets in our focus. As part of the service we provide, we also make free purchases regardless of brand, as well as barter purchases. We also support barter or free-buy vehicles with independent expertise reports.

We lead the industry with the firsts we have realized

Within MAN TopUsed, we have implemented many innovations in our sector so far. In this context, we extended the extended warranty services, which we have offered in the past for MAN vehicles that have undergone expertise, this time up to an additional 36 months and 1.100.000 kilometers, regardless of vehicle age. With this service, which is a first in the sector, we have ensured that MAN customers can trust the past of the vehicle and look at its future with confidence, as if they own a new vehicle in second-hand vehicles. In addition, we offer different maintenance packages for second-hand MAN vehicles that include not only periodic maintenance, but also periodic maintenance, wear parts and breakdowns. Our aim is to serve our customers in a wider area with different options.

"We are the address of corporate trust, transparency and customer satisfaction"

In addition, we provide personalized services to our customers with special financing solutions and vehicle modifications we make in-house. Thanks to this service, our customers can have the vehicle they want, under the conditions they want. As MAN TopUsed, we are the address of corporate trust, transparency and customer satisfaction at the second hand with customized extended warranty, maintenance package, financing and technical modification solutions. With all these innovations we have implemented, we lead the positive and important developments in the second hand market.

We continue our sales with repurchase guaranteed, which is one of the firsts we have realized in the sector, this year as well. Within the scope of this application, we subject pre-sales vehicles to technical expertise in all our sales, and we support the findings with independent expertise reports.

Demand for tow trucks increased in 2020

In the truck-tow truck market, which followed a slow course in the first months of this year with the effect of the pandemic, the demand for the tow truck started to increase especially since May. The attractive segment constituted u of our sales in 2020. This upward trend is still continuing these days when we come to the end of the year. Interest in the construction group and dump vehicles, another driving force of the industry, remained low throughout the year. A significant portion of the% of the construction group sales was the vehicles exported thanks to MAN's global connections.

In addition, this year, we started barter and free purchase sales for TGE, the new member of the MAN Family in the light commercial vehicle segment. In this context, we made the first export of our second hand MAN TGE vehicles, which we have traded, to the European market.

Decline in used bus market

The mobility that started in the intercity bus market in late 2019 continued in the first two months of 2020. However, due to the restrictions that started in March, the second-hand bus market has also entered a serious recession. Especially main companies; Despite rising costs and decreasing passenger numbers and therefore falling revenues, it tried to survive this difficult period. Unfortunately, many individual bus drivers who could not cope with this had to leave the sector.

We, as MAN TopUsed, continued with the buybacks in order to support our customers in the difficult pandemic process within the framework of the previously made agreements. "

Şinasi Ekincioğlu: "In 2020, MAN Aftermarket Turkey, represented the global success"

Expressing that it makes a difference in the sector with the superior qualities of MAN vehicles with advanced technology as well as the quality service offered after sales and after sales, MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. After Sales Services Director Şinasi Ekincioğlu continued his words as follows: “MAN services; By taking COVID-2020 measures in 19, they continued to provide uninterrupted service throughout the country. Spare parts, maintenance and repair needs of our customers were met with a systematic and dedicated teamwork under the harsh conditions of this year. Trust in MAN and Neoplan brands is provided by hundreds of trained technicians and dozens of spare parts warehouses scattered all over the country, as well as from the root of a tree in our country. Our buses, trucks and tractors that we manufacture and import are supported through after-sales systems covering the whole world. The measures taken as a result of decisions, developments and experiences are valid simultaneously for our country in a global order.

This year Spain held from Bilbao city MAN meeting in customer satisfaction performance evaluation MAN Truck & Bus Turkey, 22 countries Aftercare between measured depending on various criteria 'Customer First', Turkish with the name of 'Customer First' took the first prize with the success of the program. The outstanding performance of our authorized services in the measurements made by an independent organization in the country was the herald of this award.

Again MAN on-site audit, which evaluated the decision of the warranty in Turkey with notes taken by our authorized service have achieved the world championship. I would like to thank our Service Network Development Manager Gamze Harmandalı and our Technical Services Manager Özgen Sabri Özer, who is behind the steering wheel of both of our successes, and all my teammates who made us this proud with their devoted work in the very difficult conditions of this year, and congratulations to them.

Original spare parts are an integral part of the trust in your business

Why the original part? There are two different answers to this question that may be meaningful to our customers. One can be given technically and the other financially. Let's summarize the technical answer first. The maintenance intervals of our vehicles have been extended, depending on the development of material science, the wear and deterioration properties of spare parts have been improved. The advanced quality features of original spare parts contain manufacturer technical secrets that cannot be understood at a glance. Its alloys or mixtures have private patents. They are accepted through MAN quality laboratories. They are also being tested together with the vehicle. Most of these parts obtain the test and measurement approvals of the safety specifications valid in the European Union and our country. Parts in the automotive sector are affected by more than 160 legislation. Especially after accident damages, repairs that are not made according to their original specifications, apart from quality deficiencies and may contain serious security deficits. When a new model vehicle is released, part development continues with field data. Replaced new parts can be presented with different and advanced features. The tools use computer electricity. Separate electronic command units manage chassis groups such as the cabin, air conditioner, engine, transmission, and axles. They provide a coordinated communication with each other. Calibrations and fit of parts are of great importance for these measuring systems to produce correct messages.

From a financial point of view, the original part is your life and property safety first. In addition, we, as MAN, provide a spare part warranty for two years in order to guarantee the quality superiority of the original part, which is actually cheaper in this time. Let's say you have an engine overhaul. You also purchase a two-year MAN guarantee that this repair coverage will work properly. You can accept this coverage as an insurance service without a policy attached to the item you bought. This service is your assurance not only for the cost of your parts, but also that your vehicle doesn't get stuck on the road unexpectedly. It is the assurance that you can keep your word. It increases the value of your company. It ensures that you do not lose your job. The original part is an integral part of the trust in your business.

MAN Authorized Services are an integral part of the MAN Academy

We were continuing the MAN Academy Online trainings long before the COVID-19 outbreak. To avoid forfeiting the path of the oncoming time training center for technicians from various provinces of Turkey equipped with standard video conferencing equipment we install in our local authorized service training sections. We started regional participation online trainings. This infrastructure has benefited us greatly in 2020. Special thanks to Levent Kireç, our Education Department Manager, and the instructor staff. Our instructors first receive their own training at MAN Germany. As instructors, they prepare the curriculum of new tools and developments to be transferred to services. Throughout the year, they provide these interactive trainings online and practice exams at the center. Technicians working at MAN Authorized Services have targets to reach during the year, according to their training time plans and scores. According to their success in achieving these targets, premium payments are calculated and paid to technicians and service owners at the end of the year. In this program, it is ensured that each authorized service has a trained staff in three different categories. We can liken MAN Authorized services to Training and Research Hospitals, for example. Our regional coordination managers, consisting of experienced engineers at our Ankara Customer Services building, support the daily repairs and malfunctions encountered online through these trained authorized service personnel. They can also access results and applications filtered from the information of hundreds of thousands of tools within a World Online Support Network. Choosing MAN Authorized Services for repairs and maintenance is very important for our customers to benefit from the high performance of MAN and Neoplan vehicles.

Which customer has priority in the MAN After Sales system?

Just like the original piece, two different answers can be given to this question, one from a technical point of view, the other from a financial point of view. Technically, the procedure to be applied for every vehicle entering through the authorized service door is defined in the same way. There is no difference in the quality of inspection, maintenance and repair on the vehicle of a customer who buys a vehicle and a hundred vehicles. Our goal in technique is to achieve perfection, to eliminate failures by solving them from the root, and to provide qualified services that include only maintenance. We owe our self-confidence in achieving this goal to the high production quality of MAN and Neoplan products. We are very lucky to be able to provide after-sales service for quality vehicles at this level. MAN quality provides the most suitable options for life-time cost in product, spare parts and service. I don't want to use the cheapest term. Because our usual place and our unchanging goal is to be the lowest cost option because of the highest quality. We provide this with our different after-sales solutions, starting from the fuel expenses of our vehicles and integrating with the maintenance package agreements and taking over the maintenance, wearing parts and repair costs. Our brand value is based on growing customer confidence as a result of providing superior service at low cost. We know our vehicles well. We trust them. We apply an indefinite campaign in maintenance package agreements. We offer extended warranties through maintenance package agreements. As someone who examines the accounts and costs, I can clearly say that; In this new period, our customers who purchased a maintenance package with the vehicle are the ones who can automatically receive priority support in order to benefit from the lowest cost. Because we provide our contribution to the maintenance package system in advance when pricing this package. We use our customer goodwill support budget to reduce the costs of our customers' care packages from the very beginning. We strongly recommend our customers to take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of this open buffet presentation and to purchase a suitable maintenance package with the vehicle in both our new and used vehicle sales.

Cumhur Kutlubay: "MAN Light Commercial Vehicles reached their 2020 targets despite the difficult pandemic process"

Stating that they are focusing on demonstrating the MAN difference with fuel consumption, superstructure and after-sales services in the light commercial vehicle market where they have stepped into the light commercial vehicle market with TGE, MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Light Commercial Vehicle Country Sales Manager, Cumhur Kutlubay, said in his assessment for 2020:

Recession reached week stage with pandemic restrictions

“The expectation for the light commercial vehicle market in which we operate with MAN TGE in 2020 was high for many brands, including us. The first months of the year also started in line with our expectations. Especially until April, we had a fast period in terms of both demand and production. However, with the pandemic measures that started in our country as of mid-March, the positive atmosphere in the market ended and the recession started.

The stagnation reached its peak with the negativities experienced in tourism, which is one of the leading sectors of our country, and then the closing of the schools. These two developments especially led companies engaged in passenger transportation to delay their investment decisions or to cancel them completely. In addition, the market in the passenger transport segment remained far below the expected figures, with the effect of the exchange rates and rising interest rates that have increased by approximately 45 percent since the beginning of the year. The measures taken during the pandemic process had a negative impact on the freight transport industry, although not as much as the passenger transport sector. Particularly with the decrease in production, some of the companies engaged in freight transportation gave up their new vehicle investments, and some postponed them to further dates.

We tried to be with our customers with all our strength in difficult days.

As MAN, we focused on the support we developed for our existing and new customers despite all the negativities in the market during this period. In this context; We have prepared second hand vehicle purchases, flexible financing models that offer attractive payment convenience, extended warranty and maintenance package offers that provide significant cost advantages in after-sales services. In this challenging process with the steps we took, we tried to make them feel that we are with all the strength of our brand. At the end of the year, we are proud of both successfully implementing this strategy and giving our best support to the transportation sector in these difficult days.

We are delighted to contribute to MAN's success throughout Europe

When we evaluate the year 2020 in terms of our department targets; I can say that we have achieved our goals. In addition to this, we have put forward successful products in the new segments we have set as a target for ourselves at the beginning of the year and realized important projects. We made a positive contribution to MAN's European success by supplying products produced in our country to our main company, not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets. We would like to express our gratitude to our partners who carried out very important works with us in this difficult period and to all our customers who believed in our brand and preferred our brand.

2021 will be a good year for our country and the light commercial vehicle market

As the MAN light commercial vehicles segment, we anticipate a relatively slow recovery in the first quarter of next year. On the other hand, we think that 2021 will be a good year for our country and the light commercial vehicles market in general. We prepare our plans in line with this expectation. In this context, we will continue to offer our customers the most ideal vehicles for all their needs with the most attractive opportunities in both passenger and freight transportation in the next year. Our biggest assurance in the next year, as in previous years; We will have our after-sales services that we offer to our customers and are accepted with great satisfaction by them ”.

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