Deadline for Kahramankart HEPP Code Matching 15 December

last day interval to match herocard account code
last day interval to match herocard account code

In accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the HES Code application is started in public transportation. Citizens can easily match Kahramankart - HES Code over the internet.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the HES Code in order to prevent the risk of contamination in public transportation. In accordance with the Ministry of Internal Affairs 'HEPP Code Inquiry in Local Public Transportation' circular and the decision of the Provincial General Hygiene Council, citizens using public transportation must define their HES Code on their Kahramankart and contactless credit cards. Metropolitan Municipality website s The deadline for the easy identification process is Tuesday, December 15th.

Pairing Is Very Practical

In the statement made by the Department of Transportation Services on the subject, it was decided to integrate the travel cards of the citizens using the urban public transport with the HES Codes, according to the "HEPP Code Inquiry in Urban Public Transportation" circular and the decision of the Provincial General Hygiene Council. . In this context, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we have completed the necessary infrastructure works. Our citizens can use Kahramankart or their contactless credit cards on the website of our Metropolitan Municipality. yada It can be easily matched with HES Codes via it. The transportation cards of the citizens in contact with this system will be automatically suspended during the isolation period. Citizens who do not complete the HES Code and Kahramankart pairing until Tuesday, December 15 will not be able to use public transportation vehicles according to the circular ”.

How to Get HES Code?

The HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) Code, which serves to securely share whether individuals carry any risk in terms of Covid-19 disease, can be obtained via application, e-government or sms. The 'Create HES Code' button is clicked on the application downloaded to the phone and the code usage period is selected. The code is then generated. Through the E state system is It may be preferred to create HES Code using the link. Alternatively, the HES Code can be obtained by sending SMS to 4 by typing HES, the last 2023 digits of the Turkish identity serial number and the sharing period, respectively, by typing HES with a space.

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