How long will the coronavirus vaccine be administered?

coronavirus vaccine alone does not protect measures must continue
coronavirus vaccine alone does not protect measures must continue

The Coronavirus Vaccine will be administered in two doses, 28 days apart. Distribution and application results will be shared instantly and live. In the statement made by the Ministry of Health, the following expression was used:

We spent a year fighting the epidemic that shook the whole world without interruption. We strived to comply with strict measures by the nation, to continue our lives by compromising our daily life, our needs and our social relations. We are preparing to leave this period of struggle with the disease behind and implement protective measures with the new year. We will take the first step to take protective measures by starting the year 2021, which is the Year of Healthcare Professionals, by vaccinating our healthcare professionals.

The first part of the inactive vaccine, which was started to be supplied, was brought to our country today and delivered to our Ministry. During the shipment, all necessary measures were taken in order not to break the cold chain and no problems were experienced. I would like to thank the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Supply Office, Turkish Airlines employees and our Ministry personnel for their meticulous work and their timeless support in the successful implementation of this process.

Vaccines brought to Beijing customs via cold chain were stored in containers with lithium battery coolers until the necessary procedures were completed. In this way, vaccines have not been subjected to any temperature changes during their storage at customs. Most of the vaccines that have been supplied to our country for years are transferred in such containers, which have priority cargo status.

Our vaccines landed at Esenboğa Airport early this morning. Our vaccines are from here; It was transferred to the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health, Vaccine and Medicine Depot, which has a temperature control system, generator and back-up systems. When the products arrived at the warehouse of our Ministry, these temperature recording devices were checked and then the product was accepted.

samples taken from random samples of vaccine, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) was shipped to the laboratory for analysis process began. If it is found positive, Emergency Use Approval will be given by TITCK. In this process, vaccines will be distributed to provincial warehouses with specially designed vehicles with air conditioning features belonging to our Ministry.

The steps to be taken when the vaccination program started and the priority order in vaccination were determined by our Scientific Committee. The first step of this strategy will be the vaccination of healthcare workers and people in nursing homes. Planning has been made for vaccination in all Family Health centers, public, private and university hospitals.

Our Scientific Committee has discussed practical issues related to COVID-19 vaccination and a plan has been made to minimize the risk of disease. These rules and application guides will be delivered to our health institutions in the coming days. In addition, an informational web page and a mobile application for process management will be put into use.

It is aimed to apply the vaccination schedule in a way that will ensure that the immunity rate in the society reaches the highest level and in the shortest time.

Therefore, according to the risk ranking created, it is aimed to complete the vaccination of our citizens as soon as possible with a nationwide program. The immune response generated by the vaccine increases with the second dose administration. Considering that the rate of the epidemic has slowed, it has been found appropriate to administer the inactive vaccine in two doses with an interval of 28 days. It is important to maintain strict protection measures, covering the two weeks after the second dose of vaccine.

Our citizens will be able to make vaccinations by making an appointment from family physicians or an appropriate public or private hospital, through the Central Appointment System (MHRS) after receiving the vaccines allocated to them according to priority groups. The safe transport process, application and recording of the vaccine will be instantly monitored through my digital system. The vaccine will be distributed fairly in accordance with the risk management strategy.

Our citizens will be able to follow the risk ranking based on their location on our website. Vaccine distribution and application results will be shared instantly and live.

In vaccination priority, no priority will be given other than the strategic plan determined by our scientific committee. In order to successfully implement the vaccination program, each citizen should wait in line with this strategy.

With the start of our vaccination program, everyone will witness how experienced and competent our country is in vaccination. You can be sure that we will fight by putting our full presence in the protection of Public Health.

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