Electric Scooter Era in Konya

electric scooter period in konya
electric scooter period in konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced that electric scooters, an environmentally friendly and entertaining means of transportation, have also been put into service in the bicycle city of Konya.

Konya is the location of the city's bike Turkey, as well as promoting the use of bicycles for all the sustainable carrying out studies to encourage the transport of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, for use in the world recently announced that it has entered into service increasingly common electric scooters Konyalı.


The widespread use of electric scooters, which stand out with their environmentally friendly and economic features, will also contribute to the reduction of traffic density and parking problem in the city. In addition, users will have a practical and enjoyable travel experience.


The company that will operate it has put 100 scooters into service in the first place. Users will pick the scooters from the points shown in the mobile application within the designated area, and lock them after use. When another user comes, he will be able to unlock and rent it via the mobile application. Electric scooters will be constantly monitored via satellite.

If the trial run of the scooter rental service is successful, it is aimed to spread the application throughout the city.

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