Buses are Ready for Winter for Safe Travel in Kocaeli

Buses are ready for a safe journey in Kocaeli
Buses are ready for a safe journey in Kocaeli

As part of the mandatory winter tire application that started on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 (today), TransportationPark, an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, started to replace the summer tires on buses with winter tires with the 'snow crystal' symbol, which are accepted by the European Union. The vehicles whose summer tires were changed one by one in the tire maintenance repair workshop located in the beach road garage were prepared for winter conditions.


The mechanics in the maintenance and repair workshop, which prepares the vehicles for the winter, carry out antifreeze control of the vehicles, battery cleaning, air, oil and oil filter replacement, heating and air conditioning maintenance, disc lining replacement, internal and external surface controls. In addition, the general controls of the vehicles are carried out in accordance with the occupational safety rules.


In case of breakdowns that the vehicles may experience in harsh winter conditions, the emergency vehicle kept on standby will be intervened by providing transportation to the location where the buses experience malfunction. In this season change, TransportationPark employees will be on alert and provide instant service in case of a problem so that citizens can provide comfortable, convenient and timely transportation.


In addition to the maintenance performed, the latest technology disinfection process is also provided in the vehicles. Vehicles that are disinfected one by one by the cleaning army every day until morning are kept ready for the trip. TransportationPark, which makes its vehicles sparkling with the motto of first health and then travel, provides a healthy journey as well as a comfortable journey for its passengers.


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