Kadifekale Will Smell Thyme and Lavender!

velvet will smell of thyme and lavender
velvet will smell of thyme and lavender

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to transform the skirts of Kadifekale, which have been cleared of unplanned construction, into an urban forest. The Metropolitan Municipality, trying to prevent the risk of landslides by bringing together many different tree species such as olive trees, pine, acacia, with the soil, now colors the region with aromatic plants. Kadifekale skirts will scent lavender and thyme in the city from next spring.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its afforestation and landscaping works in Kadifekale, one of the historical areas of the city. In Kadifekale, where afforestation has been carried out for a long time, aromatic plants have now been planted. Lavender, spreading mountain thyme, steep thyme, and lavantin will be planted in the region in the first place. The first work is carried out on 420 thousand square meters of a total area of ​​100 thousand square meters. Thanks to the aromatic plants that started to be planted within the scope of afforestation and greening works in the region, it will be possible to create a colorful image especially in spring, as well as to spread fragrances to the environment.

Due to the risk of landslides, the area, on which about 2 buildings were demolished and turned into green areas, will have the character of an urban forest in the future. kazanIt is aimed to turn İzmir into lungs.

"We are working on the field"

Within the scope of the studies, the dirty layer of 20 centimeters of the soil surface in the area was replaced with fertilizer, sand to provide permeability and herbal mixture soil, also known as good quality garden soil. It was stated that this soil, which also has the feature of holding water, is also more beneficial for plants and trees to be planted in the field. Providing information about the works, Ekrem Çinetçi, one of the landscape architects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's Parks and Gardens Department Green Areas Construction Branch Directorate, said, “Since the slope is constantly changing, we make the roots of the trees, also called a bowl or moon terrace. The purpose of these terraces is to prevent both water and soil flow ”.

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