KADES Application Reached 1 Million 174 Thousand Downloads

kades application reached million thousand downloads
kades application reached million thousand downloads

The KADES application, which the Ministry of Interior set a target of 1 million downloads, exceeded this figure and reached 1 million 174 thousand.

With the Women's Emergency Support Application (KADES), made available by the Ministry, women can call for help not only in cases of physical violence but also in other dangerous situations such as sexual assault, harassment, stalking.

In order to increase the awareness of KADES among women, 16 million downloads target was set by initiating campaign and promotional activities on 1 November.

113% Increase in KADES Downloads

In this context, the number of KADES downloads has increased as a result of the use of press organs and social media channels, the activities carried out under the leadership of governors and district governors in the provinces, information activities of law enforcement officers in the field to introduce KADES, and SMS sending to women aged 16 and over.

While the number of people who downloaded the application was 16 thousand 550 on November 139; As a result of the promotional activities carried out as part of the International Day of Struggle Against Violence Against Women on November 25, it rose to 20 million 113 thousand with an increase of 1% on 174 December. The number of notices received through the application was 62 thousand 45.

SMS Sent to Over 20 Million People

Our Ministry also sent KADES SMS to women aged 16 and over from GSM companies. While the links to download the application were shared in the SMS sent to 20 million 475 thousand 178 people, it was said that we are with women against violence at the touch of a button.

Reports Are Immediately Intervened

KADES, which women using smart phones can download from virtual application stores, allows to make a one-click notification in case of emergency.

With notice, the closest team to the 112 Emergency Call Center is dispatched, and the incident is immediately intervened.

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