Free Repair Stations were Established for Bicycles in Izmir

Free repair stations were established for bicycles in Izmir
Free repair stations were established for bicycles in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has added a new step to its steps to reduce motor transport and increase bicycle and pedestrian transport. For this purpose, in İzmir, where many infrastructure, application and incentive projects are implemented; Bicycle paths all over the city were equipped with free repair and pump stations.

In this period, where everybody, every institution and organization, from 7 to 70, is invited to act more responsibly due to global warming and climate crisis, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality takes exemplary steps with its environmental projects. Many applications are put into practice especially to increase bicycle and pedestrian transportation. Finally, 76 free repair stations and 35 bicycle pumps were installed on the bicycle paths of 50 kilometers in the city. In addition, 400 hand / foot rests were installed at intersections with heavy traffic so that cyclists could wait easily.

Thanks to the small hand tools and pumps available at bicycle repair stations, cyclists will be able to fix minor malfunctions themselves; will be able to put air on the wheels of their vehicles.

Creating a goal, awareness and habit

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Bicycle-Pedestrian Access and Planning Branch Manager Özlem Taşkın Erten said, “We consider the comfort of cyclists. Our goal is to increase social awareness about sustainable transportation, bicycle use, and of course bicycle use ”. Izmir, the European Bicycle Route Network EuroVelo noted that the city carries the title of the first member from Turkey Flood Ertan, he said they take steps to improve the one hand cyclists tourism. Stating that they have taken these steps by including non-governmental organizations in the decision processes, Erten completed his words as follows:

10 percent after 1,5 years

“Apart from our infrastructure projects, we also have incentive projects to increase the use of bicycles. Here, too, our first goal is our children, who will be tomorrow's elders. We are already implementing many projects aiming to start the use of bicycles and to establish this habit. Because if a child goes to school with his bicycle today, he will go to work with his bicycle when he grows up. Our ultimate goal is to increase the bicycle usage rate, which is still around 5 per thousand, to 10 percent after 1,5 years. "

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