Angling Places in Istanbul

Places where fishing can be done in Istanbul
Places where fishing can be done in Istanbul

Most of us are looking for peace and quiet in the city. We take our place by the sea with the dream of reaching the sea and water whenever we need a little refreshment and a break. Being close to the sea and feeling the beauty of water are actually synonyms for peace. Fishing is therefore much more than the hive full of fish. Although it is an activity that requires patience, it is an indispensable, true passion for those who love the sea.

If you want to feel the pleasure of being close to the sea and be in the spot of the fishermen you see on the TV or while passing the road, firstly discover the places to fish in Istanbul. Then take your folding chair, fishing rod and bucket, fill your tea / coffee in the thermos and set off for the beaches! Well, where to fish in Istanbul?

Accompanied by the Bosphorus Air: Kuzguncuk

Not only in Turkey, one of the world's most beautiful spots is definitely the Bosphorus! The Bosphorus is also a great choice to start fishing. Kuzguncuk, in particular, is a quiet and charming district that preserves its texture and hosts lush green parks and beautiful restaurants. Once you set up your chair for fishing in Kuzguncuk, you can have a great time all day, accompanied by the scenery and bird sounds.

Greetings to the Historical Peninsula: Galata Bridge

We invite those who want to fully feel the spirit of Istanbul to Galata Bridge. You can enjoy fishing on Galata Bridge by taking your place next to the fishermen that you have looked at from afar for years, and socialize with the fishermen there at the same time.

Take Your Place In The Morning: Karaköy

Karaköy, which has recently become one of the most popular centers of Istanbul with newly opened cafes, also has a wonderful beach for fishing. Moreover, you can get the fishing equipment you need from the shops here. The customs side of the ferry pier is a suitable place for fishing. Take your place early here and enjoy fishing!

Discover Different Coasts: Avcılar Ambarlı

Avcılar Ambarlı beach is one of the longest beaches on the west coast of Istanbul. On this beach where you can encounter different fish species, you can rest for hours and get away from the chaos in Istanbul. In order to fish efficiently, we recommend you to explore Atatürk Evi in ​​front of Ataturk House and breakwater cliffs in Ambarlı harbor area.

Catch the Sunset: Tuzla Güzelyalı

Istanbul is a very rich city in terms of seaside. There are many coastal towns with different textures and different moods. Tuzla is one of the farthest points of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Although it is perceived as distant, Güzelyalı has a magnificent beach and after fishing for hours, you can relax by watching the beautiful sunset view with your coffee.

Çengelköy, in front of Kuleli Military High School

It is one of the most beautiful places where you can breathe in the Bosphorus. It is among the most preferred places by fishermen in Anatolia. You can easily hunt horse mackerel, scorpionfish for 12 months, and small blue fish in October-April. When you come here, your fishing line of 25 size 50 is ideal for you. On one side, there is a park next to Kuleli Military High School, where fish is caught. In this place where there are peddlers around, fishermen prefer to bring their own food.

Fishing Places in Üsküdar

When you come to the Üsküdar coastline, you cannot see the fishermen. There is an area for fishing on the Şemsi Paşa Beach in front of the Şemsi Paşa Mosque. You will always see people fishing here, morning and evening. You can also reach Paşalimanı within 10 minutes walking distance to the Black Sea direction. In nice weather, you can fish and have a picnic in the park on the beach. A little higher up in front of Beylerbeyi Mosque are also places to fish. When you go to the vicinity of Kuleli Asker High School, Kandilli Beach and the Black Sea, Kanlıca and Cubuklu beaches are also ideal places for fishing.

Sile Kalyon Bay

Kalyon Bay is a natural wonder place in the east of Ağva. You will go through the asphalt for four kilometers until the village of Bucalı and then enter a dirt road leading to the beach. After passing the giant pipes of the Melen Project, you will reach the sea shore after four kilometers. Kalyon Bay is almost reminiscent of fjords in Norway. Giant rocks, large embankments and steps are built and descended into the sea. In this place, which has a magnificent nature, you can keep your fish without getting wet even on very wavy days.


In the northwest corner of Istanbul; It is the cape that separates the Haliç Mansion from the Marmara Sea. If you want to give your back to Topkapı in Istanbul and fish against the Maiden's Tower, this is the place for you. This place, which has a magnificent view and plenty of fish, is preferred by fishermen. Leave yourself to the peaceful blue of the sea in Sarayburnu, which gives you the opportunity to hunt many fish species, and it will take you wherever you want to go. Fishing is a peaceful therapy. If you want to rest your soul and dive into the blue, take your fishing line and head towards the peaceful blue.

In short, although fishing a lot motivates people, the main purpose here is; Realizing and enjoying the culture that is the result of Istanbul, the sea and the sea. To get started, we recommend that you spend at least one day on this activity.

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