Cocaine Hidden in Maradona's Paintings Seized at Istanbul Airport

Cocaine hidden in the tables of the marathon was seized at Istanbul airport
Cocaine hidden in the tables of the marathon was seized at Istanbul airport

A total of 2 kilograms and 650 grams of cocaine were seized, hidden behind the paintings of Diago Armando Maradona, the famous football player who died recently, in the operation carried out at Istanbul Airport by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce.

Drug smugglers, who were hit hard as a result of successive operations carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams all over the country, used a method and courier which is very difficult to detect at Istanbul Airport.

The suspicious behavior of 72-year-old MR, a German citizen of Croatian origin, who came to Istanbul Airport from Colombia, attracted the attention of the Customs Enforcement teams. Appearing as a big Maradona fan at first glance, the luggage of the person was scanned with the latest system tomographic x-ray scanning device.

As a result of the scan, it was quickly understood that the Maradona paintings in the suitcases, which were also checked with detector dogs, were not carried only because of the admiration for the famous football player. When the backs of the tables, where the suspicious density was detected in the X-ray scan and then the detector dogs reacted, it was understood that the drugs were placed in these sections as special plates.

In the search, 12 kilograms of 2 grams of cocaine with a market value of about 2 million lira, hidden behind 650 tables, were seized.

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