Istanbul Airport Became the World Leader with '5 Stars'

Istanbul airport became the world leader with Yildiz
Istanbul airport became the world leader with Yildiz

Istanbul Airport, which has risen firmly on the world aviation scene with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, says Skytrax, one of the most important aviation organizations in the international arena.5 Star Airport”Was awarded the award. Thanks to the measures taken against the Kovid-19 epidemic, Istanbul Airport said,5 Star Kovid-19 Precautionary AirportWho received both awards at the same time one of the two airports in the world It was.

Turkey's Istanbul Airport gateway to the world, with awards won worldwide continues to be the pride of the Turkish aviation. Recently organized by the Airports Council International (ACI), thanks to its digital infrastructure and technological development "16th ACI Europe Awards" in the Digital Transformation category "Best Airport" Istanbul Airport has added a new one to its awards.

By Skytrax, the London-based aviation institute founded in 1989 "5 Star Airport" Istanbul Airport, which is described as the world, has its name written in gold letters among the 8 global transfer hub airports that have achieved this title. In addition, specially given to the Kovid-19 outbreak process "5 Star Kovid-19 Precautionary Airport" Istanbul Airport, which has also received its award; After Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Hamad International Airport in Doha and El Dorado Airport in Bogota, is the fourth airport specified. In addition to these achievements, Istanbul Airport has also shown the success of being the airport with the largest terminal in the world that receives '5 stars'.

Before the Skytrax awards, Istanbul Airport received the 'Airport Pandemic Certificate' given by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and then signed the "Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol" published by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA); It succeeded in becoming the first airport in the world to receive the "Airport Health Accreditation" certificate issued by the Airports Council International (ACI).

Istanbul Airport came out with '5 Stars' from the challenging evaluation!

Skytrax, an international air transport research organization, has been providing quality inspection, star rating and quality benchmarking services to airports and airlines since 1989. As a result of the 3-day intensive physical inspections after the comprehensive regulations and detailed preparation process, the excellence of Istanbul Airport in passenger experience has been determined by an international institution "5 stars" has been approved with. Istanbul Airport has also shown what a tough success it has achieved by having the largest terminal among the airports that have received '5 Stars'. Auditors, parking lot, public transportation, website, mobile application, security / passport control, basic passenger services, shops, food and beverage that affect the experience of departing passengers, transfer passengers and arriving passengers at Istanbul Airport, one of the best aviation centers in the world with its architecture and technology. experience areas of contact, such as baggage claim; He meticulously examined the service offered at these points, the ease of access to the service and the passenger comfort. Evaluated in detail To 800 In addition to close criteria, the measures taken against the outbreak were also graded.

In the inspections where every point that affects the passenger travel experience is evaluated comprehensively, every point that touches the guests such as basic services such as security, check-in, passport, customs, cleaning, baggage purchase, as well as basic services, eating and drinking areas, shopping points, lounges, were examined in detail by experts. . Along with the pandemic process, the measures taken against the pandemic were also considered additionally in the quality audit. Having received 2 important awards as a result of long inspections by Skytrax experts, Istanbul Airport has registered its importance to excellence in passenger experience.

"At Istanbul Airport, we brought the dream to reality and reality to the leadership!"

Making evaluations about Istanbul Airport being deemed worthy of two major awards by Skytrax, the world-renowned aviation evaluation company. Kadri Samsunlu, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of IGA Airport Operations; “An airport, which has been 2 years since its opening and 1.5 years before it started full-capacity operations, has been confirmed by an important aviation authority such as Skytrax. '5 Star Airport' hem of '5 Star Kovid-19 Precautionary Airport' It is a rare situation similar to its spouse. I can proudly say that as IGA, we achieved this at Istanbul Airport. We have created a customer-oriented culture at our airport, we will further this, and we continue our efforts in this direction. Among the global hub airports, we are the 5th hub airport in the world to receive '8 Stars' after Doha, Hong Kong, Munich, Seoul Incheon, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. We became the fourth airport in the world to receive the '19-Star Kovid-5 Precautionary Airport' award in terms of Kovid-19 measures applied at airports. We are the second airport in the world that can carry both titles at the same time. In addition to all its other features, Istanbul Airport is the one with the largest terminal among the '5 Star' airports. As you know, just before these important awards given by Skytrax, we were selected as the 'Best Airport' in the Digital Transformation category at the 16th ACI Europe Awards organized by the International Airports Council (ACI). All these precious and prestigious awards are a proof of the confidence of aviation authorities around the world, especially our passengers, in IGA and Istanbul Airport. I would like to emphasize this in particular; Those who walk confidently for the sake of the values ​​they believe in, sooner or later reach the goals they dream of. As İGA, we have brought the dream to reality first and now the reality to the leadership at Istanbul Airport! We are proud and happy on behalf of our country as we have achieved such a success. I would like to thank everyone and all our employees who contributed to this success. With the excitement and enthusiasm of the first day, we will continue our efforts to make our country, Istanbul Airport the world's most important aviation center. " said.

Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax; “We are delighted that Istanbul Airport has joined one of the prestigious 5-Star Airports. This is a well-deserved achievement demonstrating that the high standards at Istanbul Airport have been achieved. Istanbul Airport is a remarkable engineering achievement with its terminal with a capacity of 3 million passengers completed in 90 and a half years. The passenger facilities of this major airport are impressive, and access to different terminal areas is easy. Istanbul Airport has also been awarded the 5-Star Kovid-19 Airport Safety Rating. This rating consists of comprehensive measures taken by the airport to reduce the spread of coronavirus, as well as comprehensive measures such as the implementation of a separate Hygiene Team to ensure the implementation of all these protocols. " used the expressions.

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