İmamoğlu Shared The Number of Deaths Per Day: No Decrease in Numbers Total Closing Must!

imamoglu shared the number of deaths per day, no decrease in numbers
imamoglu shared the number of deaths per day, no decrease in numbers

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluheld a meeting on Kovid-19 with the district mayors working in the city. Sharing the daily death toll in Istanbul with the mayors, İmamoğlu said, “Today, we have 437 burials until now; 204 of them from epidemic disease. We have been making burials in 400 numbers for about a month; it never fell. We have entered the third week of restrictions. There is some stretching, but there is no drop in numbers," he said. Expressing that the IMM Science Advisory Board has a 3-week "full closure" recommendation within the scope of the effective fight against coronavirus, İmamoğlu said, "If not, it is mentioned that two weeks can yield positive results. We know the economic value of a complete closure, but I think that our state, with all its institutions, can overcome this economic concern.” İmamoğlu also shared the details of the meeting with the mayors of the district, with the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum, in Ankara on the "Istanbul earthquake" last Monday. Saying, “The earthquake issue should rise above politics,” İmamoğlu said, “Beyond saying I did it, this one did it; Beyond saying the A, B, C, D party, I would like to remind you again that we have an obligation to protect people's lives in Istanbul.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlumet with 32 district mayors working in the city at a meeting with the Kovid-19 agenda. At the meeting held in Haliç Congress Center Galata Hall yesterday evening, the municipalities of Bağcılar, Başakşehir, Maltepe and Şile, the vice president; Büyükçekmece was represented at the level of the 1st vice president of the assembly. The two municipalities that did not participate in the meeting at any level were Pendik and Bahçelievler. It was learned that Pendik Mayor Ahmet Cin, like Büyükçekmece Mayor Hasan Akgün, received Kovid-19 treatment.


Imamoglu, who started his speech by wishing urgent healing, underlined that Istanbul is going through a very troubled period regarding the pandemic. Saying that "the epidemic has escalated, our hospitals are intense, our patients are treated intensively, and many of our patients are being treated at their homes, perhaps the mayors are the most closely followed," Imamoglu stated that the people whose doors are knocked the most are themselves as "the people who are sure of the city". Sharing the Kovid-19 figures within the body of IMM, İmamoğlu stated that they lost 34 employees in the process. Noting that the number of patients within the institution has reached up to 2 thousand, İmamoğlu stated that there are between 3 and 4 thousand contact employees and that they have lost their jobs due to this.


Saying, “I know that both IMM and district municipalities have made an outstanding effort from the very beginning of the pandemic,” İmamoğlu expressed that he knows that every institution is on the ground and is doing their best. Saying that “Living this makes me happy, of course”, İmamoğlu emphasized that a separate title should be opened for healthcare professionals. İmamoğlu said, “Each of them is truly devoted and generous; perhaps the protagonists of the front line struggle. Let us convey our feelings of gratitude to all healthcare professionals, from doctor to nurse, from health officer to servant. One thing can be said for their passion for the profession and for the highest achievement; Commemorating them with respect and gratitude. We hope their noses won't even bleed. We wish mercy on our healthcare professionals who lost their lives as duty martyrs ”.


İmamoğlu, who transferred the measures they took as IMM since November 15, when the epidemic started to increase, shared the following information:

“Since then, we have decided to close our social facilities, museums and cultural centers. Our government applied its first restrictions on 17 November. As of December 2, the second restriction decisions were made. As our IMM Science Advisory Board stated, I think a complete closure will be the solution. I think partial measures will prolong the process and will not produce results. Today, we have 437 burials so far; 204 from epidemics. We have been buried with 400 figures for about a month; this never fell. We entered the third week in restrictions. There is some stretch in the numbers, but there is no decrease. It should be clearly stated that this is not enough. Our Advisory Board stipulates full closure in its meeting held today. They suggest 3 weeks; Otherwise, it is stated that two weeks can give positive results. We know the economic equivalent of complete closure. But altogether, I think that our state can overcome this economic concern with all its institutions. Health Minister and other According to the information I gathered from talking to the Istanbul municipality in the epidemic process, even though the last two weeks we talk every region of Turkey. "


Stating that transportation, which is one of the most important problems of Istanbul during the pandemic process, is also a topic that is discussed in the field, İmamoğlu exemplified the fact that IETT buses and metrobus vehicles serve at full capacity by comparing with the figures of previous years. Stating that they are serving at full capacity despite the number of passengers and flights dropped due to the pandemic, İmamoğlu said, “You know, I think we made a historical decision regarding private public buses together with the Metropolitan Council. We have moved the system to a single system. Each of them will now take on the İETT bus of the IMM in one color. I hope we want to complete this by April. Starting next week, we will have the chance to shift buses on any line of reduced density to an appropriate amount of busy lines. In other words, we will be managing the system completely ”. İmamoğlu called on the mayors of the district to act jointly on issues such as market places, homeless people, elderly citizens living alone and the use of healthy disinfectants. Taking the floor after İmamoğlu, district mayors shared their views and suggestions regarding the process.


The second agenda item of İmamoğlu, other than Kovid-19, was the possible Istanbul earthquake. Stating that they met with the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, in Ankara on December 7, İmamoğlu informed the district mayors about the issues experienced in the meeting. Reminding that he made a special "Earthquake Council" proposal for Istanbul to the Minister Institution at the "Urban Transformation Consultation Meeting" held at Haliç Congress Center on February 21, İmamoğlu said:

“Considering our proposal for this council, we had talks and meetings over which delegations also passed 2 or 3 times. With the Minister sohbet we did. It sohbeti find it valuable. At this meeting we held on Monday, several issues came to the fore. There is no consensus on our council proposal. Actually, the summary of our proposal is to create an 'earthquake base' focused on Istanbul. Under the coordination of the Ministry, the governorship is within the IMM; It is also a mechanism in which private sector representatives, insurance, finance sectors - at the highest level - and professional associations. We had a proposal to establish a scientific committee affiliated to the higher board, but to establish Earthquake Regional Boards in which active decisions are made in the main field; it is kind of like the Board of Monuments. We think we are proposing a very actionable position to the ministry. These will be examined; we presented our reports. There are many things in it. We talked about the fast scanning system we are currently running in Avcılar and Silivri and their data, and we set our goals. By the end of 2023, we demanded their solidarity with the rapid testing of all buildings built before 99. This means testing 99 buildings built before 800. This is a first-time inventory study. I would also like to state that this test we conducted achieved 98 percent accuracy. We also conveyed this. "


Stating that they made a detailed presentation about the financing of urban transformation, İmamoğlu stated that all institutions of the state are making an effort in this sense. Stating that this work can be solved if the field is mobilized, İmamoğlu said, “For example, in the rapid screening of a neighborhood in Avcılar, the rate of very damaged and heavily damaged buildings came out at approximately 99 percent, while the buildings built before 9,6 should normally be 39 percent. This means: According to the survey conducted in 2018, it is expected that around 50 thousand buildings in Istanbul will be badly damaged or severely damaged, but this actually means the reality of the field can reach up to 200 thousand ”.


Sharing the information that 3 decisions were made during the meeting with the Ministry, İmamoğlu said:

“One of them; We think there is confusion regarding the legislation. You also know; There are indeed many laws. There are approximately 24 laws, 11 regulations and 19 institutions that will be able to take competent decisions on this matter. You do not have the chance to set up separate tables in every subject. In order to activate functionality, I strongly believe that the Istanbul earthquake should be managed by a home base to be established in Istanbul, with fast and practical decisions. There is no other way. Actually, our main suggestion here is this: I shared with him the foresight that the voice of politics and the political sauce should be managed without interfering with this work, and that it could still be completed in at least 10 years with a great mobilization. Because none of us know when the earthquake will happen. "


Noting that the second decision was to hold a scientific meeting about the “council” they proposed, Imamoğlu said that the host of the meeting would be the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Stating that they will present a draft to the Minister Institution in which the content of the meeting and the sectors that should be on the table to be set up regarding the earthquake will be opened, İmamoğlu said, “The third issue is that both the ministry and IMM commissions come together and hold a meeting on the urgent topics we have identified regarding the earthquake and urban transformation. . We have the opinion to cooperate on 3 issues ”. İmamoğlu emphasized that he is ready to do the same to the district mayors as he gave to the Ministry Institution, if they request it. Saying that the earthquake issue should rise above politics, İmamoğlu said, “Beyond saying that I did that, he did this; Beyond saying the A, B, C, D party, I would like to remind you again that we have to protect people's lives in Istanbul ”.

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