Call to IMM: Haydarpaşa Train Station Is Not Located Kadıköy We have an objection to the Pier Square Design Competition

We have an objection to the design contest for the Kadikoy Rihtim Square where the ibbye cagri haydarpasa station is not located.
We have an objection to the design contest for the Kadikoy Rihtim Square where the ibbye cagri haydarpasa station is not located.

In the social media account of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), “Kadıköywill get the place it deserves. Kadıköy Square is now in the Urban Design Competition #KararSenin #KadıköyIn the sharing made with your "note, Kadıköy It was announced that three projects for the square design were opened to voting.

With the joint work of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) Kadıköy Three projects for Meydani design were put to the vote on 13 October 2020. Citizens living in Istanbul will be able to vote for the project they have chosen on until December 17, 2020.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity and Kadıköy Urban Solidarity Kadıköy The following statement has been made about the Square Urban Design Competition process.

Haydarpaşa Train Station does not have a transportation function Kadıköy We have an objection to the Pier Square Design Competition. ''

Part of the competitions process that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has started rapidly, Kadıköy It is the Pier Square Design Competition. The competition primarily involves problems in terms of public voting and representation of Haydarpaşa Train Station. The absence of Haydarpaşa Train Station in the competition specifications and the fact that the Gar took place in only one project and problematized brought along important discussions in the public opinion. Haydarpaşa Solidarity, Kadıköy He objects to the Pier Square Design Competition for similar reasons.

Haydarpaşa Train Station;

  • Not paying enough attention to its memory and history, which cannot be separated from the transportation function,
  • To give up the transportation function that it has carried for more than a century for no legitimate reason,
  • Kadıköy It has not been considered on a scale considered within the urban integrity with its dock and square,
  • The necessity of its existence as a station and transportation function in terms of social and cultural aspects, urban protection principles, cultural heritage and railway heritage, urban transportation planning and urban memory,
  • The absence of a participatory and detailed planning that takes into account the transport function in a versatile and comprehensive way

The main reasons for objection to this process are that the method of participation of the public in the competition process involves problems, and that the options in the competitions cannot cover or reflect the demands of the social groups.

Today, there is no technical obstacle or justification left in front of the reopening of Haydarpaşa Train Station as a transportation function. It has been understood that the existing archaeological excavations cannot be used against the transportation function of Haydarpaşa Train Station. Because, as the relevant scientists insistently underline, Haydarpaşa Train Station is sustainable with proper planning along with its own history, transportation function and the existence of existing archaeological excavations. This entity should be implemented in an interdisciplinary level of a meticulous, careful and participatory planning approach. What needs to be done is to plan the archaeological findings and the transportation function of Haydarpaşa Train Station in harmony and harmony with each other, respecting all cultural and social values. Participatory urban planning is responsible for involving local organizations, solidarities, non-governmental organizations and even direct residents of the city, and creating mechanisms to achieve this. Users' needs and demands are the most fundamental building blocks of a participatory planning approach.

We, as Haydarpaşa Solidarity, will re-engage the Haydarpaşa Train Station with an interdisciplinary, meticulous, respectful and participatory planning for all cultural, social and historical values, at the request of the city dwellers, in the urban planning studies carried out and to be done, regardless of the method We underline once again that it should be opened for use with the transportation function as soon as possible.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity, a civil organization that has struggled to protect Haydarpaşa Train Station as a station for 15 years, has been on duty every week for the last 8 years and for the 465th week, and has already proven that the will of extensive social groups is in favor of the transportation function of the Haydarpaşa Train Station as before. We remind Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that it is a public duty and obligation to listen to the voice of

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