Young Talents of IMM Produced Projects to Solve Istanbul's Problems

Young talents of ibb produced projects that will solve the problems of Istanbul
Young talents of ibb produced projects that will solve the problems of Istanbul

The "Young Talent Development Camp", which includes young employees under the age of 30, who work within the institution of IMM, was held on 14-17 December in digital environment. In the program, which aims to create a more livable city and make Istanbulites happy, the future IMM managers worked in 30 different project groups. Transportation solutions and social municipality issues came to the fore in the projects produced by young people.

The '' Young Talent Development Camp '', which was carried out by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) affiliate UGETAM and developed with the vision of a fairer, more creative and greener Istanbul, was held between 14-17 December. 30 young people under the age of 520 working in different units and subsidiaries of IMM produced projects that could solve the problems of Istanbul as a result of the development program consisting of trainings, webinars, field experiences at the points where service was provided to citizens for a year. Young people from different business lines in institutions affiliated to IMM and affiliate companies took part in the 30 project groups in the program, which aims to improve the quality of life in Istanbul. It was aimed to increase the motivation of young people working in teams for a common goal in serving 16 million Istanbul residents.


In the project, where the opening speech was made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Can Akın Çağlar, young talents; They received mentoring support from 90 people including the managers of IMM, affiliated institutions and affiliate companies. Voted by the jury consisting of IMM's senior executives, the top 10 projects were announced by ISPER General Manager Banu Saraçlar.


UGETAM General Manager İbrahim Edin; He stated that they are proud to lead such a project and that they will continue to succeed on this path together in the next period. He also added that he always wanted to be a mentor in the field of technology to contribute to the development of young people.

Banu Saraçlar, General Manager of İSPER kazanAn announced 10 projects and continued his words in his closing speech as follows:

“As a management team, I think it is very valuable to support young people in innovation and to give them responsibility. I am very excited to mentor the projects prepared by our young talents and see the success of the projects they have developed. All of them are very valuable and all projects are in my heart. "


The projects selected to be implemented will continue to develop their projects by working with subject matter experts and receiving mentoring support to prepare for the next stage. At the stage of realization of the projects, it is aimed first to present it to the senior management of IMM, and at the last stage, the projects to be implemented will be determined by the votes of Istanbulites.


  • Integrated transportation solutions
  • IETT disabled friendly stops
  • Stray animals needs solutions
  • Alternative transport methods
  • Access of migrants and refugees to municipal services
  • Elderly services
  • Alternative transport methods
  • Social communication network with the public
  • İSKİ meter reading / accessibility
  • Incentive for recycling

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