Pandemic Clearance from IMM to 245 Hospitals

pandemic cleaning from ibb to hospital
pandemic cleaning from ibb to hospital

The work of cleaning the gardens and surroundings of the hospitals, which IMM carried out without interruption during the pandemic process, will take 9 days this time. The study, which was started on December 19 as a precaution against the rapidly increasing Covid-12 cases throughout the city, will end on December 20. A total of 80 cleaning vehicles and 240 personnel will be employed in the works. A total of 245 hospital gardens and surrounding areas will be washed, regardless of public and private.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which continues its work within the scope of combating coronavirus, has once again started cleaning and washing works in the hospital gardens and surroundings throughout the city. The garden and surrounding areas of the hospital, where the spread risk of the virus is intense, will be cleansed between December 12-20, with a total of 80 vehicles and 240 personnel. In addition to washing, mechanical and manual sweeping will also be done.


On the first day of cleaning activities, IMM Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department Prof. Dr. Ayşen Erdinçler and İSTAÇ General Manager M. Aslan Değirmenci. Within the scope of the works, IMM will clean a total of 20 hospital gardens and their surroundings, 245 beds and above, without distinction between public and private. The teams will work in 39 state and 89 private hospitals spread across 156 districts of Istanbul. 154 of the hospitals to be purified against coronavirus are located in Europe and 91 on the Anatolian side. The teams that participate in the works that will take a total of 9 days, meticulously abide by the social distance rule as well as the use of special clothes, masks and gloves against COVID-19.


Cleaning activities are carried out with local disinfectant and pressurized water produced in cooperation with IMM Health Department and İSTAÇ. The local disinfectant, which has the same structure as the 100 percent natural biocide Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) in the human body, does not harm the environment and health.

The wastes of the domestic disinfectant, whose active ingredient has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is easily destroyed in the nature. It does not have a negative effect on the health of not only humans but also animals and plants. It can be used to purify the surface, air and environment. It can be applied by spraying, pouring, wiping and fogging methods.

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