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iTune space agency is turkey union
iTune space agency is turkey union

📩 30/12/2020 13:13

SSB İsmail Demir was a guest at the 1982 Year-End Evaluation Meeting at Istanbul Technical University, where he graduated from the aircraft engineering department in 2020.

Ismail university indispensable for Turkey's defense industry capabilities required by the iron in his speech stated that an institution. Emphasizing the importance of university-industry cooperation, Demir stated that it is a necessity for university professors to stay closer to the industry now. Likewise, he said that the distrust of the industry in the world of science should now disappear.

not fully grasped the concept that there is a missing concept of R & D in Turkey Iron, after talk about the shortcomings of the sector made a presentation about the activities of SSB.

In the program, ITU Rector Prof. Dr. There were innovations regarding the agenda in the presentation made by İsmail Koyuncun.

  • a space between Turkey and the ITU Space Agency announced that the first phase of the contribution provided for the establishment of Command and Control Center.
  • It was stated that the project collaborations between ITU and SAHA ISTANBUL for product, system and subsystem development and the joint use of infrastructures have started, and advancements are aimed, especially in R&D activities for modeling and simulation.

ITU Rector İsmail Koyuncu stated that it is very appropriate to have the space operations center in the technical university. As a matter of fact, thanks to the Satellite Communication and Remote Sensing UYG-AR Center within the structure of ITU, it is ensured that the required high-resolution image is acquired and processed from various satellites. We can say that space command and control centers are institutions where expert data processing and evaluation takes place in the field of monitoring the atmosphere and tracking celestial bodies in general. Turkey to talk about the structure and functioning of the institutions in particular to follow the activities will take place after the announcement of the National Space Program and the progress of the process will have to wait, I think.

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