Human Resources Putting Employees at the Center with HRSP Orchestra

Human resources approach that puts employees at the center
Human resources approach that puts employees at the center

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In today's world, where human resources management philosophies have begun to change, new expansions are needed and people-oriented systems are needed, it develops systems that focus on employees and prioritize their motivation and participation.

In these days when concepts such as cloud, mobilization and employee satisfaction are on the agenda of human resources, classical human resources management systems are changing with solutions that focus on employees. Thanks to this change, employees will now be able to take more roles in company processes, in achieving goals, in total motivation, in making the right decisions.

As an example of this system; Even an employee comment to an HR announcement can be very valuable to the company.

When you compare this; In a conventional HR system, an announcement will be physically posted on a wall or posted on the company's internal portal page. However, if this employee-oriented process is redesigned, when these seemingly simple applications are added to the process, such as how many people like this announcement, who reacted to this announcement if they were allowed to comment, who read it, the added value to the company is much higher.

Disadvantages of Traditional Human Resources Systems

In order to understand the difference here, it is necessary to analyze the current situation first.

Conventional human resources systems rely on data that is operational and produced today. These systems are offered to human resources departments and are completely designed according to their needs.

Naturally, these systems did not take into account the needs or motivations of company employees. These systems, which consist of many restrictions, connections and rules, are only used by human resources users and their use is restricted with authorization.

Company employees often do not know what these systems are, their names and features.

However, as a result of changing technology, employees' easy communication on social networks with smart devices, and the increase in unstructured data, the classical HR systems have become obsolete and are far from employees. Therefore, systems that can include employees are now needed.

Focused Processes Working with "HRSP Orchestra"

Employee satisfaction is now at the same level with the needs of human resources departments, or even more important. Because it should not be forgotten that employees can only participate with a transparent and open HR management policy, especially in a period when the struggles to attract, find and win talent to the company are increasing.

For this reason, HRSP Orchestra has hundreds of employee-oriented processes. These processes continue to increase day by day.

In summary, we can list what an employee can do from their smartphone or tablet as follows:

  • Employees can view all their information with the "Personnel Services" module and request correction of incomplete and incorrect information if necessary.
  • With the "My Time Information" module, employees can see all the leaves they use, overtime, card movements, and payroll errors and request corrections, and make all kinds of leave requests.
  • Employees can get their own payroll.
  • Employees can enter their goals, independently from human resources periods or within defined periods.
  • Employees can search for training and watch any training they want.
  • Employees can complete their missing documents.
  • Employees can report risks and issues that may cause accidents at workplaces to OHS officials.
  • Employees can report their colleagues they deem worthy of an award to human resources.
  • Employees can participate in human resources surveys with the survey module.
  • Employees in executive positions can approve the requests of all their teams.
  • Managers can get their employees' resumes.
  • Employees with executive roles can report on behalf of their teams.
  • Employees with manager roles can view graphical analytics screens.

With HRSP Orchestra, a company that manages to integrate with employees and human resources is formed in human resources.

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