The Gelincik Road will be 10 Km Long and 30 Meters Wide

The Poppy Road will be km long and meter wide
The Poppy Road will be km long and meter wide

Following the Elazig Sivrice earthquake that took place on January 24, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the connection roads of 3 thousand houses built by TOKI Presidency and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Orduzu Gelincik Tepe. The 10 km road will be connected to both the new settlement and the Northern Ring Road. Stating that they continue to open alternative new roads, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan examined the road work carried out on site.

After the earthquake on January 24th, while the houses to be built by TOKI have risen rapidly, significant progress has been made in the works on the road that will provide access to the region from the existing ring road. From the Malatya-Elazığ D300 Highway, the new settlement center established to Gelincik Hill and from there to the Northern Ring Road, the total length of the road is 10 km. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which has undertaken the expropriation cost of 25 million in addition to the parcels given with its own consent and the realization of the road, continues its retaining wall and road expansion works in the region. President Gürkan, who examined all the work done on site, was accompanied by the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General, Heads of Departments and related branch managers.

Providing information about the work done, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Cemal Nogay said that the infrastructure and superstructure works that will appeal to 3 thousand residences in the Gelincik Hill region have been carried out. Nogay said, “Due to the inadequacy of the existing road on the main axis, we are making our new road in the region, as a result of the intense efforts of our President, since approximately 3 thousand houses will be settled in Gelincik Hill according to the planning made after the earthquake. A new road, which is 10 km in total and is 30 meters wide in the development, has been brought to Malatya. In addition, the waybill line comes from this area. "Now, 3 thousand, but in the future, the infrastructure has been completed in a way that can address 5 thousand residences in the development area."

Özer Tekin, the site manager of the developer company who works in the field of Gelincik Hill, said that the work carried out was carried out quickly, the expropriation was carried out quickly with the initiatives of President Selahattin Gürkan and the works would be completed by June if there were no setbacks.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan stated that they will enable the citizens living in the region to navigate safely in the traffic by combining the Gelincik Hill and the ring road axis with the 10 km long road. Mayor Gürkan said, “Currently, 5 thousand houses are considered in this area, but in the future, it is considered as an area of ​​30 or 40 thousand houses in this area within the scope of the project. Our road axis, together with its combination with the Northern Ring road, is approximately 10 Km. Currently, the expropriation carried out within our road axis was carried out by our municipality. After the land is delivered to the relevant author company after the expropriation we have made, walls, tele walls and garden walls are built within the road axis of the relevant company. Hopefully, we will complete the work done as soon as possible, and by combining Gelincik Hill and the ring road axis, we will ensure that our citizens living in the region navigate the city center in a healthy and safe way. Our new road is both an important road for the people of the region and an important road in terms of joining it with the Northern Ring road. In other words, our current Elazig main artery will also be a vertical connection road via the Northern Ring. Therefore, the transportation and traffic problems of Malatya and the needs of the people living in the region will be met by new arteries. We are preparing Malatya for the future with our newly opened road networks. I hope that the work done will be auspicious for the people of the region and our people who will use the new roads we have opened. I hope we are working hard to open the road to traffic like June. The start and end of our work is very rapid. As it is known, Gelincik Tepesi Boulevard will be opened to traffic as soon as the Main Yurt Boulevard was built and opened to traffic. We realized 99 percent of the expropriation we made in the Gelincik Hill area by giving up consent and by bargaining. I hope it will be auspicious for our Malatya ”.

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