Traditional Professions are Carried to the Future with İŞKUR

traditional professions are carried to the future with Iskur
traditional professions are carried to the future with Iskur

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, made statements about the courses organized by İŞKUR in traditional professions. Minister Selçuk said, "With these courses, traditional professions are transferred to the next generations and we contribute to the workforce that masters seek," he said.

Stating that traditional professions are outside the technological production processes and that manual labor is intense, Minister Selçuk said, “There are traditional professions in many fields. These professions can be performed under names specific to each province or district. "Our Traditional Vocational Heritage Program from Masters to Apprentices" carried out by İŞKUR, we organize Vocational Training Courses in traditional professions and On-the-Job Training Programs in workplaces where these professions are performed.

Sharing the details regarding the determination of the courses and programs to be organized in traditional professions, Minister Selçuk said, “Our Provincial Directorates of Labor and Employment Institution, the relevant professional unions and chambers within the framework of the sector, profession and target group, universities, individuals and institutions that have worked in this field and other public and private sector / is cooperating with organizations. In this context, nearly 2016 thousand people have benefited from the courses and programs within the scope of traditional professions that started to be organized in 33 until the end of November. This year, nearly 5 thousand people attended these courses and programs until the end of November ”.

First of all, Minister Selçuk underlined that courses related to traditional professions where employment and income are still possible in the labor market, and said, “We pay 40 TL daily compulsory expenses to our trainees who attend our Vocational Training Courses and we pay the General Health Insurance premiums of our trainees”.

Financial support is also provided to citizens participating in courses and programs within the scope of traditional professions. Those who attend the On-the-Job Training Program organized in traditional professions, 89,40 TL for each actual day they attend the program; 67,05 TL is paid to the participants who are students and 44,07 TL to the trainees who receive unemployment allowance.

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