Gebze's Traffic Will Be Regulated

Pregnant's traffic will be regular
Pregnant's traffic will be regular

Marmara Municipalities Union and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın examined the works in the "Gebze District TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 1st Stage Construction Work" project, which will ease the transportation between Gebze district center and provincial Organized Industrial Zones. President Büyükakın received detailed information about the works from the technical staff of the Department of Science. Stating that not only bridges were built within the scope of the project, Mayor Büyükakın said, “Within the scope of the project, culverts, junction arms and 13 kilometers of side roads are also being built. With the project, it is aimed to provide transportation without any signaling system with the bridges and junction branches in the road network. This project will provide great convenience for the future of Gebze. Especially to the OIZ side, by the OIZ to Gebze district center, all traffic will be relieved and worked in an order ”.


Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Yaşar Çakmak, Gebze Mayor Zinnur Büyükgöz, Metropolitan Municipality Gebze Regional Coordinator İbrahim Pehlivan and AK Party Gebze District President Recep Kaya accompanied Mayor Büyükakın, who examined the work carried out within the scope of the project. Making a statement about the project, Mayor Büyükakın said, “As it is known, there are organized industrial zones on the north side of the area where we are located. At an important opening between Tembelova and Kirazpınar, it is planned to make both the bridges at the top double and to make additional return arms. There will also be two return arms at our current location. This project is actually a structure of bridges and intersections along with side roads. It is a really big project, with a total investment cost of 80 million ”.


President Büyükakın said, “We are also building a culvert right next to the area we are in. Our friends continue their work quickly. Normally there was a road here. The road has been completely removed. A large culvert is being built for the flow of stream water below. Then the road will pass over this culvert again. On the other side, there will be turning arms in the part where the work machines work. Those coming from the Istanbul direction will be able to cross over to the opposite side and reach their workplaces in the organized industrial zones in the north using this branch. The same will be true for the other side. There are two bridges on the highway, one round trip and one ready to go. There is an incredible amount of traffic on these bridges during the morning commute hours and in the evening after work. Pregnant people were wasting a lot of time here. It was also an economic loss and an environmental pollution problem due to the carbon dioxide emission. So this is a vital project. "This is a project that will seriously relax the transportation in the shadow."


Stating that the construction works are continuing rapidly, President Büyükakın said, “All the manufacturing here will be completed by the end of the year, such as September or October of 2021. The project that Gebze has been waiting for years and will eliminate the traffic problem in this shadow will be offered to the service of Gebze residents. As I just mentioned, there were two bridges for crossing over the highway. Within the scope of the project, not only a bridge is built, but also a culvert and 13 kilometers of side roads are built. Now this project is in a position to be completed within a year, hopefully, ”he said.



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