Gaziantep Düzbağ Drinking Water Transmission Line and Doğanpınar Dam were Inaugurated

Gaziantep duzbag drinking water transmission line and doganpinar dam emergency was made.
Gaziantep duzbag drinking water transmission line and doganpinar dam emergency was made.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Gaziantep Düzbağ Drinking Water Transmission Line and Doğanpınar Dam Opening Ceremony with a live link from the Vahdettin Mansion.

Inaugurated transmission line and the region and will be beneficial to the country dam Erdogan, who wishes, nor health nor at a time when with the world of coronavirus outbreak Turkey is also affected, he said concessions from investments.

"We Need To Pay Attention To Water Saving"

Stating that water is life, President Erdoğan emphasized that since the country does not have rich water resources, it is essential to use the existing facilities in the most efficient way.

Expressing that it was a fairly dry year, Erdoğan said: “We need to pay attention to water savings altogether in this period when rainfall rates have decreased by almost half. There was a significant increase in the use of water for cleaning due to the epidemic threat. As corporations and citizens, we need an efficient and economical water management, working hand in hand. Just like in health, we have made very serious investments in the utilization of water resources, considering such troubled times. With 18 dams, 585 hydroelectric power plants, 584 ponds, 385 irrigation facilities, 1382 drinking water facilities, and nearly 247 thousand flood protection facilities we have built in the last 5 years, we have written an epic in this area. We should act carefully until our dams are filled with water again by supporting our facilities with small precautions. "

Erdoğan thanked all members of the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works for their efforts and efforts in bringing these values ​​to the country.

It Will Meet Gaziantep's Water Need By 2050

Expressing that the Düzbağ drinking water project, which will meet the water needs of Gaziantep until 2050, is the second largest drinking water project of the country, Erdoğan said that Göksu Çayı, one of the branches of the Euphrates, is the work of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, He stated that he transferred the water of Gaziantep to Gaziantep.

Erdogan stated that 110 million cubic meters of water has been provided to the city so far without spending a single penny of energy, thanks to the natural inclination of water.

Emphasizing that thus the municipality has the opportunity to provide high quality and cheap drinking water service to citizens, Erdoğan said, “As a matter of fact, our municipality immediately reflected this advantage to our people by making a 27 percent reduction in drinking water. The first stage we put into service has the capacity to transfer nearly 100 million cubic meters of water annually. This figure will increase to 174 million cubic meters when the other stage, with its dam and treatment facility, is activated. " he spoke.

80 thousand decares area will be irrigated

Expressing that the dam is a project that will irrigate 153 decares with a storage capacity of 80 million cubic meters of water, Erdoğan said:

“This dam, which has been built for 7 years and has a height of 55,5 meters and a cost of 660 million lira, will provide 51 million lira contribution to our country annually and additional employment for 28 thousand people when the irrigation channels are completed. We are transforming the region between Gaziantep and Kilis into one of the most important agricultural production centers of our country by adding 120 thousand more hectares to our land, which is still irrigated by Kayacık Dam and irrigation, with Doğanpınar Dam and irrigation. In the first stage, we will grow 80 thousand hectares of land for the next irrigation season, and complete the rest gradually. "

"Our City Realizes Almost All of Regional Foreign Trade"

Stating that these are not the only dams and pond investments in Gaziantep, President Erdoğan said that there are many investments that are still in the phase of project construction, leaving aside the ones that have been completed so far.

Erdogan said, “For example, 600 percent physical realization has been achieved in Çetintepe Dam, which will irrigate 75 thousand decares of land. The irrigation projects of Kayacık and Kilavuzlu dams continue step by step. The construction of Yesemek and Burç Çamlık ponds continues. In Nizip and Karkamış, the tender of Nizip Pumped Irrigation Joint Filling and Protection Measures work, which will irrigate an area of ​​35 thousand decares, was also ready. As can be seen, we are working with all our might to make Gaziantep, along with the other 80 provinces of our country, benefit from the blessings our Lord has given us in the best way, from drinking water to irrigation water. " he spoke.

President Erdoğan wished the opening of the pipeline and dam to be beneficial to the city and the country. Erdogan, who asked for the images of the dam and irrigation line to be shown, said, “On the one hand, dams, on the other hand, the giant transmission lines, let's watch them nationally. The AK Party government means service power. If Aleppo is there now, it is on the Gaziantep Düzbağ Drinking Water Transmission Line and at the opening ceremony of the Doğanpınar Dam. As you see. These are actions, not words. On this occasion, we would like to thank the contractor companies. " said.

After President Erdogan said "Ya Allah or Bismillah", the ribbons in the ceremony area were cut. Erdogan asked those in the ceremony area to keep the scissors in memory of the day after cutting the ribbon.

When Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said that water of the quality of spring water will be offered to them at the ceremony, Erdoğan said, “You know, these are abıhayat as our elders' words. So it is the water of life. Enjoy your meal." He wanted the mugs in which the water was served to be kept as a memory.

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