Full Closure Rebellion From Imamoglu 'Let's Struggle With Everything For 2-3 Weeks'

full closure from the imamogl, so let's fight with everything for the week
full closure from the imamogl, so let's fight with everything for the week

📩 08/12/2020 13:40

A memorial ceremony was held for Doctor Ümit Erdem, a 19-year employee of İBB who lost his life due to Kovid-30, at Şehzadebaşı Medical Center, where he worked. Speaking at the ceremony, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlustated that he believed that Doctor Erdem was a “duty martyr”. Noting that he witnessed the conditions under which the paramedics worked during his illness, İmamoğlu said, “I am grateful to all of them. But if we do not make their job easier, we will have a chance to overcome such a problem only after the virus leaves the process on its own or, unfortunately, after thousands of lives have been lost. Answering the questions of the journalists at the end of the ceremony, İmamoğlu shared the information that the number of deaths has not decreased for about a month and said, “They should not do it, they should take precautions. I beg; please take precautions. Let's struggle with everything for 1-2 weeks, let's eliminate all material and moral deficiencies. Let's be with our tradesmen. Let's be with our simit maker. Let's be with the businessman. Let's be with the employee," he said.

Ümit Erdem, one of the doctors of Şehzadebaşı Medical Center within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), passed away on December 4 from Kovid-19 disease. Doctor Erdem, a 30-year-old IMM employee, was buried in Karacaahmet Cemetery on 5 December. A memorial service was held for Erdem in front of the Şehzadebaşı Medical Center where he worked. IMM President attending the commemoration ceremony Ekrem İmamoğluexpressed his condolences to Erdem's older sister, Özgül Erdem, and her colleagues. The ceremony started with a minute's silence for Erdem and all healthcare workers who lost their lives in the fight against Kovid-19.

full closure from the imamogl, so let's fight with everything for the week


The first speech of the ceremony was given by Istanbul Medical Chamber President Prof. Dr. Pınar Saip did it. Stating that we lost our healthcare professionals and citizens due to a preventable disease, Saip said, “Knowing preventive medicine, he has worked for years to ensure safe working conditions in workplaces, has done everything necessary for good medical values ​​and made great efforts on occupational accidents and diseases. is a friend of ours ”. Emphasizing that “complete closure” is a must to prevent deaths, Saip said, “Unfortunately, the necessary precautions have not been taken since the beginning of September and many of our citizens died unnecessarily due to a preventable disease. "We are calling on the power, which has not been able to conduct the epidemic properly by sharing the data transparently, by neither over-testing, nor by transparently, to manage the epidemic, not the perception,"


Emphasizing that healthcare professionals are very tired during the process, Saip made the following warnings:

“Intensive care units are full and healthcare professionals can no longer manage this process. For this reason, it is necessary to reduce the burden on the health system of hospitals as soon as possible, to strengthen the primary level and to ensure closure in order to gain time in this process. For this reason, we call for the correction of the personal rights of healthcare workers and the acceptance of Kovid-19 as an occupational disease in this period of healthcare professionals. Today, for this cause, we lost our friend who fought that this was an occupational disease. We call out to the authorities. We call out to the assembly. We want the law to be enacted as soon as possible to be accepted as an occupational disease. And so that deaths can be stopped as soon as possible, we invite you to leave the arrogant government and do whatever it takes to contain the pandemic. "


Prof. Imamoglu, who came to the microphone after Saip, started his speech by wishing God's mercy to the late Doctor Erdem. Reminding that we are going through difficult times as a society, İmamoğlu said, “In these difficult days, I think that acting with the feeling of mobilization is always the most valuable principle. "Beyond all individual emotions, when you take mind and science as your guide, your risk of making mistakes will be much less," he said. Emphasizing that the disease can be overcome with the light shown by common wisdom and science, İmamoğlu emphasized that their only wish is to reduce contamination. Determining that the loss of life can be reduced in this way, İmamoğlu reminded that the institution that should overcome the difficult situations of the citizen is all the institutions of the state. “We all know that the great states are the states that overcome the problems of their citizens in difficult times. Saying that we are also a great state, İmamoğlu said, “What are we unable to overcome and solve here? With what insistence, with which motive, we try to overcome this process with different definitions, unimaginable attitudes or principles that no citizen even understands, I do not understand ”he said.


"Unfortunately, there is no slowdown in Istanbul, including the current data," said İmamoğlu.

“Some applications have been carried out for over a week. We are an institution that will follow the most painful scene with death numbers. As we can see from here, unfortunately, there is no reduction. Citizens' requests reach us as far as finding a place in hospitals and intensive care units. We are having trouble finding an answer to this; We are witnesses from here. At the same time, thousands of employees in our organization are currently fighting Kovid; Therefore, we are witnesses. We have dozens of employees who lost their lives during the Kovid period. I wish them mercy, may their souls be blessed. "


Doctor Umut Erdem
Doctor Umut Erdem

Stating that he believed that Doctor Erdem was a "duty martyr", İmamoğlu noted that he witnessed the conditions under which the healthcare professionals worked during his illness. Emphasizing that the healthcare professionals embraced the process with a great sense of duty, İmamoğlu said, “I am grateful to all of them. But if we do not make it easier for them, our chance to overcome such a problem will only be after the virus leaves the process on its own, or unfortunately, thousands of casualties. I agree with the call of our Medical Chamber President. We have to gather this process together immediately, with a tight closure, by reducing this problem, by relieving the society, but at the same time by supporting our citizens, tradesmen, whoever is, materially and morally, ”he said. İmamoğlu promised that they would keep Doctor Erdem's name alive within the institution.


At the end of his speech, the journalists asked İmamoğlu the reasons for the difference between the death numbers announced by the Ministry of Health and the figures in municipalities. İmamoğlu gave the following answer to these questions:

“The death numbers are in our hands. We know the people we bury every day; no reduction. Today, I listen to our Hatay Metropolitan Mayor while I am on the road. We held a meeting last week. Muhittin Bey could not attend due to his illness. In other words, there are 3-4 times the death rate of the announced, only 10 Metropolitan Municipalities. What could be my problem? Could it be as difficult as a mayor saying 'Let's close'? Something difficult for the mayor. Let's close the city, 2 weeks, 3 weeks; something difficult. But the people who do this work say; 'To reduce the contamination, we have to breathe the society for 3 weeks. If necessary, we should test at homes. And we must enlarge the fillation system. ' All of us, every institution, is ready to sacrifice in this sense. We are not saying anything else, what can we say? In what we are saying, we do not say "Government", we do not say "Opposition", we do not say "Municipality". All of us, for God's sake. Are we looking at the politician of the deceased? Right now, 'Let's close for 2-3 weeks - scientists say, physicians. Let's ease the pace of this, to the extent that the patients can regain their health. We say all our healthcare professionals take a breath. This is what we say; what else can we say? "


“The number of deaths is not decreasing. It hasn't been falling for about a month. When I give numbers, another polemic emerges. I'm giving numbers, it turns out someone said, 'That contagious disease, this contagious disease. No, no such… 'I am looking at this: How many people we lost this month last year, how many people we lost right now, we are losing. And this continues with what numbers. We have this. Don't let them. Let them take action. I beg; please take measures. Let's struggle with everything for 2-3 weeks, let's eliminate all material and spiritual deficiencies. Let's be with our tradesmen. Let's be with our simit seller. Let's be with the businessman. Let's be with the employee. We get up from this in 2-3 weeks. If it grows bigger after that, God forbid. The vaccine is coming, other measures are coming. We take those measures, we strengthen the immune system of our people, we overcome this process together. But what we lost today will not come back, if it continues like this. "

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