2 Separate Awards for Ford Transit and Transit Custom

ford transit and transit customa separate award
ford transit and transit customa separate award

Independent automobile safety and performance evaluation organization Euro NCAP evaluated 19 van models on sale in Europe in its first active safety test. As a result of the test, Transit deserves the gold award and Transit Custom deserves the silver award. kazanwas.

Euro NCAP evaluated the Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEB), lane tracking technologies, active speed limiter and passenger tracking systems, which are activated when approaching vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, with the new active safety test it organized for the first time. As a result of the evaluations, Transit received a gold award with its current active safety technologies, while Transit Custom deserved a silver award. kazanwas.

Euro NCAP praise for Ford technologies

Euro NCAP also praised Ford's autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) as well as Collision Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection and Anti-Collision Systems, highlighting it as class-leading features. Again, it was emphasized that the Traffic Sign Recognition System recorded the best (100%) score among all vehicles, while the Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEB) perfectly protected cyclists.

Euro NCAP used the same criteria to compare the active safety features of each van in the assessment. All vehicles were loaded with 50 percent of their maximum load capacity and tested on a specially prepared track to get the most realistic results.

In the simulations, both parked vehicles and scenarios in which the vehicle ahead suddenly stopped in heavy traffic were tested. Thus, the autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) and driver warning systems were evaluated. The organization also evaluated the responses of these characteristics to a child running on the road, pedestrian passing by, or cyclists.

Euro NCAP Secretary General Dr. Michiel van Ratingen said, “Given the rapid growth of millions of vehicles and e-commerce on European roads, active safety systems in commercial vehicles are the most important key to increasing safety for all users. Ford, one of the leaders of Europe in commercial vehicles, helps to protect all elements of traffic with both Transit and Custom models and really fully meets the commitments made by safety systems, ”he said.

Class-leading technologies at New Transit and Transit Custom

Blind Spot Warning System supported by Cross Traffic Alert System to help reduce stress and fatigue and prevent the impact of collisions, Adaptive Speed ​​Control, which makes long journeys less tiring and more economical, constantly monitors the road ahead and alerts you when you leave the lane, guiding you back to your lane safely Leading driver assistance technologies such as the Anti-Collision Brake System with Pedestrian Detection, which helps to reduce and prevent the effects of frontal collisions by automatically braking against vehicles and pedestrians that may suddenly come in front of you while driving, is offered with Transit.

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