SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair Removes the Limits in Defense Industry!

field expo virtual fair lifted the boundaries in the defense industry
field expo virtual fair lifted the boundaries in the defense industry

SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair, which was visited by 2020 thousand 42 people during November 901, removed the borders in the defense industry!

SAHA EXPO, the world's first 3D virtual defense industry fair organized by SAHA Istanbul, was visited by 2020 people in November 42, when it was opened. SAHA EXPO, where 901 thousand 18 B231B business meetings were held, will remain open until April 2, 09.

Turkey's largest industrial cluster FIELD FIELD EXPO Virtual Trade Fair held by the Istanbul Since November 9, 2020 where the opening both from Turkey sees great interest from around the world.

In November, 3 people visited the world's first 42D virtual defense industry fair, SAHA EXPO, which has been implemented with an untested method in the defense sector. 901 38 thousand of visitors from Turkey, 249 thousand 4 out of FIELD EXPO Virtual Fair has entered the country across the globe.

09 exhibition, which will remain open until April 2021, and Turkey during the five months that meet thousands of industry professionals from different countries will continue to be the world's digital platform.

The "job" of the world is at SAHA EXPO!

SAHA EXPO, where 288 companies, including world-renowned companies of the Turkish defense industry ASELSAN, TUSAŞ, ROKETSAN, BAYKAR, HAVELSAN, STM, MKEK, ASFAT, TAIS, FNSS and Kale Group exhibit their products, also provides opportunities for important business meetings. in November, where the exhibition opening was attended by professionals from the world and from Turkey, 18 thousand 231 B2B Job Interview considered that the important cooperation deals were carried out.

Fully realized by local and national software, the professional world and industry from Turkey 7/24, which is open FIELD EXPO, visitors can examine 3D models of companies with virtual reality technology in detail, firms and can watch a video presentation of the product, they can leave their contact.

SAHA EXPO is preparing to become a global brand

SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş stated that the visitors can experience the products reflected exactly with 3D modeling and interactive animations at SAHA EXPO in the most realistic form, and that they have succeeded in carrying the power of the Turkish defense industry to the virtual world.

Stating that they set out with the aim of making SAHA EXPO a global brand and achieved a first, Keleş completed his words as follows:

"FIELD EXPO is the world's first 3D virtual behalf of the defense industry fair in Turkey as he signed a policy. The fair, which will remain open for 09 months until April 2021, 5, brings an innovation to the fair industry in this sense. We are experiencing the virtual fair for the first time. We receive feedback from our exhibitors and visitors and evaluate them carefully. We continue to develop the current application in line with the needs. When this process is completed, as SAHA Istanbul, we will be presenting a world brand. "

Source: defenceturk

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