Collective Bargaining Agreement Covering 820 Workers Signed in ESTRAM

Collective bargaining agreement was signed covering the workers in estram
Collective bargaining agreement was signed covering the workers in estram

A collective bargaining agreement covering 820 workers was signed in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. With the contract signed by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen and Demiryol İş Eskişehir Branch President Ramazan Uysal, significant improvements were made in the salaries and social rights of the bus drivers, security and cleaning personnel employed as permanent workers in ESTRAM, one of the municipal affiliates.

With the Legislative Decree No. 696, the economic and social rights of 3 Estram employees, who were employed as permanent workers in municipal companies but could not benefit from any rights other than the rights in the decree for nearly 820 years, were improved. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen and Railroad Work Union Eskişehir Branch President Ramazan Uysal came together at the signing ceremony. President Büyükerşen stated that the negotiations were completed and that they signed an agreement that would make all the laborers happy and wished the agreement to be beneficial. Büyükerşen said, “With the decree issued about 3 years ago, we employed all employees as permanent workers in our municipal subsidiaries. We were not able to make arrangements for our personnel during the period due to the articles in the Statutory Decree. However, after the deadline, we met with authorized unions for all of our companies. After more than 3 thousand workers in our Espark company, we are also signing an important contract for 820 laborers, including our bus drivers, guards and cleaning personnel within Estram. The contract covers the 6th period collective agreement previously signed between Estram and the Demiryol İş Union. I know that our personnel also want to be included in this contract. I believe that all of them will be happy with the signing of this contract. I would like to thank all our bureaucrats and Demiryol İş Union officials who contributed to the meetings ”.

Ramazan Uysal, Head of the Eskişehir Branch of the Railway Business Union, thanking Mayor Büyükerşen for not being unanswered by the demands of the laborers, said, “We signed a really important contract effective from 1 July 2020. 820 employees were empowered in terms of both economic and social benefits. I hope the contract will be beneficial for both the employees and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality ”.

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