Both Electricity and Flowers are Produced from the Landfill in Eskişehir

Both electricity and flowers are produced from a baton in eskisehir
Both electricity and flowers are produced from a baton in eskisehir

📩 23/12/2020 16:20

Giving great importance to environmentally friendly projects, the Metropolitan Municipality produces electrical energy from Eskişehir's garbage with the Solid Waste Recycling and Energy Production Facility put into service on the Seyitgazi road. The Metropolitan Municipality, which uses the waste heat generated in the facility in the greenhouse where it creates, also produces some of the flowers that colorfully decorate Eskişehir in this facility.

The city garbage dump, which was one of the biggest problems of the city in the 1990s, became a place that produces electrical energy with the latest technology thanks to the Solid Waste Recycling and Energy Production Facility established by the Metropolitan Municipality. The facility, which meets the daily electricity needs of 95 thousand households when working at full capacity, has converted nearly 2020 thousand tons of waste in 300 and produced 70 million kilowatt of electrical energy. Stating that nearly 4 tons of waste is also sent for recycling at the facility, the Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that since the facility was opened, approximately 225 million kilowatts of electrical energy have been produced in total. With the electrical energy produced from garbage, electricity was produced as much as the monthly electricity need of 1 million households.

The officials stated that another feature of the facility is to produce plants in this greenhouse by giving the waste heat to the greenhouse, and stated that the production of indoor plants such as succulents, cactus, alovera and ribbons in addition to outdoor ornamental plants is carried out in this facility. Stating that the facility and the greenhouse were frequently visited by university students studying in this field, before the pandemic, the officials stated that once the pandemic is over, the students will continue to be informed about both electricity generation from waste and greenhouse cultivation with waste heat.

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