Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to Recruit 20 Assistant Experts

the ministry of energy and natural resources will recruit assistant experts
energy and Natural Resources Ministry

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will receive 20 assistant experts to be assigned to the central organization in Ankara.

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has the authority to determine and make changes among the education branches according to the staff and the need, if there are no applications for the entrance exam as much as the number of assistant experts to be taken by education branches.

If the number of candidates who meet the requirements to participate in the exam and who are duly applied is more than the number of candidates to take the exam specified in the table, the above-mentioned number of candidates will be taken to the entrance exam, starting with the candidate with the highest KPSS score. If the number of candidates in the last rank is more than one due to their equal score, all of these candidates will be invited to the exam.


  • In the Public Personnel Selection Exam conducted by ÖSYM for (A) group positions in 2019 or 2020, to have a score of 75 or above from the types of points specified in the table,
  • To graduate from the departments of the faculties that provide education for at least 4 years, or from one of the 4-year faculties whose equivalence has been accepted by the Higher Education Council as of the application deadline,
  • Having the general conditions specified in sub-clause (A) of the first paragraph of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,
  • To be under the age of 01 as of 01/2021/35 (those born on or after January 1, 1986),
  • Not having military service for male candidates,
  • Not having a mental illness that might prevent him from performing his duty continuously,
  • To apply within the time limit.


Applications will start on 01/02/2021 and end at 12:02 on 2021/16.00/XNUMX. Candidates,

a) The application form on the ​​website of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (can be filled in your own handwriting or computer environment.)

b) Computer output of KPSS result document,

c) Original or approved copy of the graduation certificate (If the application is made in person with the original copy, a copy of the original will be approved by the Ministry.) or the certificate of graduation to be taken over e-government

d) CV of the candidate (It can be edited in the form of its own handwriting or computer environment in accordance with the sample on the website of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources "".)

in person or by mail to the address of ETKB Management Services General Directorate Nasuh Akar Mahallesi Türk Ocağı Caddesi No: 2 Bahçelievler / Çankaya / ANKARA.

Delays in the mail, applications not made within the time specified in the announcement, and application forms containing missing documents or unsigned will not be taken into consideration.

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