Emergency and Fire Drill at Ordu Giresun Airport

emergency and fire fire practice at the Ordu Giresun Airport
emergency and fire fire practice at the Ordu Giresun Airport

Partial Emergency and Fire Fire Drill was held at Ordu-Giresun Airport with the participation of Air Vehicle Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) teams.

The crash of an airplane used for a special purpose as per the exercise scenario during its landing at the airport was simulated. The ARFF team working at the airport intervened in the fire that occurred after the accident within 3 minutes, which is the standard time, and the fire was successfully extinguished.

UMKE and first aid teams responded to those injured in the accident. Meanwhile, the security personnel at the airport and the private security team took the crime scene into the protection circle and prevented unauthorized persons from entering the area.

In the Emergency Mobile Command Center, which is located close to the incident area, an Emergency Operation Center was established under the presidency of Gökhan İkitemur, Airport Administrative Supervisor, and the emergency was managed from this region.

Following the end of the exercise, the evaluation of the incident was made with the participating unit officials and the actions to be taken against the problems that may occur in an emergency situation were discussed.

Giving information about the Partial Emergency and Fire Drill held at Ordu-Giresun Airport, Deputy Governor and Airport Civil Administration Chief Gökhan İkitemur said, “RFF units are stationed in order to intervene immediately in possible aircraft accident and building facility fires that may occur at airports. These units are obliged to respond to emergencies at the airport within 3 minutes. By these teams working on a 7/24 basis, the necessary on-the-job trainings and exercises are used to measure the compliance of the specified standards. In addition, intervention procedures are determined in coordination with local institutions and organizations with plans prepared in advance for emergencies that may occur at airports. These plans are called Emergency Plans. At our airports in order to increase the cooperation between institutions and organizations by testing the functionality of the plan within the framework of Emergency Plans; Tabletop exercises are held every 6 months, partial exercises with a narrow scope once a year and exercises with wide participation are held every 1 years. Today, we successfully carried out one of these exercises, ”he said.

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