Eğirdir Nostalgic Train Project Will Start a New Era in Tourism

nostalgic train services will start a new era in egirdir tourism
nostalgic train services will start a new era in egirdir tourism

Isparta Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu, TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri came to Eğirdir today at 10.30. In August 2018, the railway line between Eğirdir-Isparta and the renewal project of Eğirdir Train Station were tendered in August 2021 in order to restart the Alsancak Railway Transportation, which Eğirdir Mayor Veli GÖK participated in while he was the AK Party District President. The projects have been completed and the Governor of Isparta Ömer Seymenoğlu and TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri, who came to Eğirdir today to start the construction in XNUMX, were sent to Eğirdir District Governor Adem ÇELİK, Eğirdir Mayor Veli GÖK, Province Culture and Tourism Director Ali Göçer and Eğirdir Police Chief Ayhan Zarif welcomed them together.

The button was pressed for the nostalgic train project and landscaping, which is the project of Eğirdir Mayor Veli GÖK and will have a great importance for Eğirdir Tourism.

The landscaping and recreation project, which was previously rented by the Egirdir Municipality from the TCDD 7th Regional Directorate, has begun to implement the landscape and recreation project, as well as the nostalgic train for tourism on the 13300 km railway line starting from Sevinçbey to the station area.

Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu, who first made observations at the Historical Eğirdir Train Station, and the accompanying delegation later made observations in Demipköprü, where Atatürk came to Eğirdir. Later, TCDD 7th Regional Manager Adem Sivri, who gave a briefing in the office of Eğirdir Mayor Veli GÖK, announced the project that will be implemented. After the meeting, which took the form of mutual exchange of views, Governor Seymenoğlu and his delegation made examinations in the area where the construction and construction of Eğirdir Port, Olympic Swimming Pool and Gendarmerie Command building will be built in our district.

Mayor of Eğirdir Veli GÖK; 'We held a negotiation today to evaluate the 6 Km nostalgic train project together in terms of contributing to tourism within the project we planned. We believe that if the construction of the train road between Eğirdir-Isparta and the Eğirdir Station Project is completed, it will make a serious contribution to the history, tourism and freight transportation of our city and district. AK Party Isparta Deputies, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç, Recep Özel, Mehmet Uğur Gökgöz, who examined our projects initiated by our Municipality in the name of District Tourism and our ongoing investments, especially to our Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu, who did not spare their support from us for the realization of the project. I would like to thank our District Governor Adem Çelik, TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri and our Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Ali Göçer. The landscaping works we will do in the Nostalgic Train and Station area to be brought to our district will be instrumental in the beginning of a new era in the name of Eğirdir tourism. I hope we will carry this trust to the place it deserves by fulfilling the promises we have given to them with the strength we receive from our people. ' said.

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