EGİAD Trendyol Collaboration Takes Place

egiad trendyol cooperation is taking place
egiad trendyol cooperation is taking place

All ages and life shopping consumers from all walks able to enter at least once, which has made abundantly mentioned by name in social media with great campaigns, it provides a link to stream the social media phenomenon, one of Turkey's largest e-commerce site Trendyol, EGİAD - He was the guest of Aegean Young Business People Association. At the event, where Trendyol Executive Board Member Ozan Acar and Trendyol Marketplace Director Özkan Çokaygil were speakers, possible cooperation between the two institutions and the tricks of e-commerce were evaluated. In the interview EGİAD It was decided that a special agreement could be made with its members.

Trendyol, the online shopping platform that was founded by entrepreneur Demet Mutlu in 2009 and has 18 million active members today, inspires many entrepreneurs with its success story. Founded by Demet Mutlu in the hall of his home 11 years ago, Trendyol has reached record levels with the number of followers and visitor rates under pandemic conditions. Trendyol, which is said to have provided more than 750 million TL in financing support to its suppliers so far, shared the success process and the intricacies of e-commerce with young business people. EGİAD Secretary General Prof. Dr. The online event, moderated by Fatih Dalkılıç and started with the opening speech of Chairman of the Board, Mustafa Aslan, discussed strategic changes in commercial areas, consumer trends and technological developments in trade in changing world conditions.

EGİAD Stating that the rise of E-Commerce has reached a point that cannot be overlooked with the effect of the coronavirus on the economy, Aslan said, “We started to carry out our shopping such as clothing, furniture and cosmetics, including our market needs, to protect ourselves from the danger of the virus. Some of us may have used these opportunities before, but now this rate is quite high. Although small businesses started to be negatively affected by the restrictions, it is possible to say that the density of businesses providing e-commerce services has increased. In short, at this point, we can say that the coronavirus epidemic has less negative effects for e-commerce companies if they manage their services correctly. Today, we will receive tips from the Trendyol team on how to participate in this platform. Our aim is to start a business partnership ”.

Noting that the key to eliminating the negative effects of the pandemic process on the economy and getting out of the crisis is through e-commerce, Aslan said, “I think e-commerce is a very beneficial system for both companies and customers. While consumers can reach the products they want in this field at a more affordable price, companies may prefer e-commerce because it reduces the cost a little more. "With Covid-19, shopping habits will change, people will want products in a more controlled, faster and more hygienic way, which will increase the market volume." Trendyol Executive Board Member Ozan Acar stated that during the pandemic process, e-commerce is a channel that people can breathe. Acar said, “Our people also made good use of this channel. E-Commerce has grown rapidly at an unexpected rate. Actually, E-Commerce is a growing area with SMEs. Of course, there should be production power behind it, because the important thing is to be able to produce. When we look at the Trendyol platform, 95 percent of those who sell are SMEs. We need to look at the issue as follows: If Trendyol's turnover is increasing, it means that its SMEs are increasing. Our SMEs, which started e-commerce, send their products to domestic consumers, develop themselves in the meantime, and then go abroad. Therefore, SMEs should definitely be included in the E-Commerce process for the future of their companies. In the period ahead, it seems that consumers will meet not only their needs for goods but also in other areas on the Internet. This will be beneficial for Turkey's economy. We see that digital companies are the fastest growing companies. Digitalization is important to close the economic gap in the new period. If there is a market, there is also an opportunity for growth, digitalization provides this. E-commerce supports SMEs by opening them to the market and increasing efficiency. He also removes the regional development difference ”.

Trendyol Marketplace Director Özkan Çokaygil stated how big a portfolio e-commerce has with numerical rates. Online seminar lasted 1 hour process in which the product is sold at 200 thousand Çokaygil noted that the year were assessed on the basis of e-commerce comparison with numerical figures in Turkey and developed countries in detail. Emphasizing that while trade growth was 2019% in 3, e-commerce grew by 15%, which corresponds to $ 3.5 trillion, Çokaygil also gave the good news that Trendyol will be in Izmir in 2021. Trendyol Marketplace Director Özkan Çokaygil continued his words as follows: “The e-commerce volume in the world is expected to grow by 2020 percent between 2023-56. In the same years the volume of Turkey's e-commerce is expected to grow 180 percent. This growth will be 3 times more than the world. 2018 million products were sold in 11, 2019 million in 35 and over 2020 million in 55. 5 out of 4 women are at Trendyol. It is among the leaders of the sector with 60 percent women and 73 percent shopping between the ages of 18-35 ”.



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