Retirement from the World Health Organization Praises Turkey

nursing homes in Turkey to praise the World Health Organization
nursing homes in Turkey to praise the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO), Turkey's hospices and aged care and rehabilitation centers in the Covidien-19 scope of the measures taken and maintained under mentioning praised their efforts for the elderly, "Turkey, the necessary measures of health care workers in nursing homes aldırarak preserved old at the Covidien-19 from" used the expressions.

WHO studies made under the Covidien-19 outbreaks in nursing homes in Turkey were evaluated on a web page. ( "Turkey, the necessary measures to employee health in nursing aldırarak preserved old at the Covidien-19 from the" prepared with the title of the first Covidien-19 cases, the definition of which about two weeks ago restriction of visits to nursing homes and in the six weeks before the application for antivirus elderly in Turkey It was stated that the measures were initiated. Thanks to these measures taken in Turkey in nursing homes and elderly care and rehabilitation centers to limit the spread of the virus was expressed in these institutions.

Meeting with Nursing Home Residents and Staff

In the study conducted by WHO, nursing home staff and residents were also interviewed. Nursing home staff stated that they work in 14-day shifts, stay in the nursing home during this period and are regularly tested for COVID-19. In addition, employees stated that their health was good even though they stayed away from their homes, families and children during this process. Nursing home residents also stated that they were aware of the critical risks of the epidemic for the country and the world, but they were taken very well.

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