Disinfection and Psychologist Demands Broke Records

disinfection and psychologist demands broke records
disinfection and psychologist demands broke records

Turkey's largest online service platform Armut.co I examined the requests received during the year 2020. Examine the demands created through the platform throughout the year, and disinfection demands grew 474 times compared to the previous year, and the demand for personal care at home, online dietician, psychologist and personal trainer services reached record numbers.

Turkey's largest online platform in service areas Pear, the service area during 2020 in assessing the demand created by the time we left at home showed how consumer behavior has changed. In different categories on the serving of more than 3000 500.000, which brings together service areas Pears, Turkey is the largest online platform in the service area kept the pulse of 2020.

Disinfection and psychologist service play the leading role of 2020

As the whole world met the Covid-19 virus, hygiene was the most important priority of everyone. When the demands of Armut users, who primarily disinfected their workplaces, houses and cars, were examined, it increased by 474 times compared to the previous year.

Demands for personal care services such as manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, make-up, waxing increased by 91% compared to the previous year, as the time spent at home increased during and after the quarantine process. Throughout the year, there was a great intensity in online dietitian, psychologist and personal trainer services. Especially people who wanted to deal with the uncertainty in the Covid process turned to the search for an online psychologist. The requests for psychologists increased 2019 times in 124 and became one of the most demanded services within Armut. It was observed that there was a 17% increase in online dietician demands and a 30% increase in personal trainer demands compared to the previous year.

Hibya News Agency

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