The Generator in Derince Tunnel has been Renewed

deeply tunnel giant generator
deeply tunnel giant generator

📩 30/12/2020 10:53

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality increases the traffic flow and safety to the maximum level with its works throughout the city. Metropolitan, whose transportation investments are continuing, takes the necessary measures to ensure safe transportation in the completed projects.


The Generator in Derince Tunnel was renewed within the scope of the work carried out by the Metropolitan Building Control Department Energy, Lighting and Mechanical Works Branch Directorate. While the installation of a new 250 Kva power generator and electrical cable connections were completed, the old generator was also disassembled. The generator, which is automatically activated when the power is cut, ensures that the lighting in the tunnel is turned on.


On the other hand, Metropolitan continues to clean the tunnels in Kocaeli in order to ensure traffic safety. The teams prevent the pollution that comes with the tires and the exhaust fumes when the vehicles pass in the tunnels. While cleaning works are carried out by expert teams, it ensures the cleaning of both tunnel roads and walls.

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