Does Covid-19 Vaccine Cause Allergies in Those Who Have Face Fillers?

Does covid vaccine cause allergies in those who have face filling?
Does covid vaccine cause allergies in those who have face filling?

Kiss. Dr. Reşit Burak Kayan, "The reason for the reactions is not the filling, but the allergic body". During 2020, there are positive developments in the coronavirus epidemic that the whole world has struggled with. The conclusion of vaccination studies and the start of vaccination in some countries increase the hopes that the world may return to its old order.

When will the eyes of the vaccine in many countries such as Turkey and of that which is safe when translated, is coming from countries where vaccination started many allegations raised about the side effects. Finally, a claim that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, known as Moderna in the United States, caused an allergic reaction in women who had facial fillers for cosmetic purposes, spread rapidly, especially on social media. The explanation for this claim, which causes concern due to the fact that filling application is one of the most common aesthetic methods today, is the Op.Dr., who examined the approval report of the vaccine by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). Dr. He came from Reşit Burak Kayan.

The source of the claim is the instant swelling reactions seen in 30 out of 400 thousand 3 people

Sharing the details of the report, Kayan said, “In the report dated December 94.5, 17 of mRNA vaccines, whose efficiency was announced as 2020% as a result of studies in the USA, it is seen that the number of people included in the study on this vaccine was 30 thousand 400. At the end of this report, the side effects that occur after vaccination are listed as a table. The source of the allegations about the filling is the instantaneous swelling reactions in the filling area seen in only 30 out of 400 thousand 3 people included in the study. However, it is also stated in the report that this allergic reaction disappeared on the same day as anti-histamine allergy drugs. In addition, no additional findings such as shortness of breath, fainting, and fever were observed in all three patients, except regional swelling. Looking at the medical history of these patients, it is noted that two people had flu vaccine, and one person experienced a similar edema after filling application. " said.

Reaction is not caused by filling, but by allergic body

Kiss. Dr. Reşit Burak Kayan also drew attention to the serious information pollution regarding the side effects of Covid vaccines. Kayan said, “It is quite possible and natural that only 30 people out of 400 thousand 3 people experience this allergic reaction. The main conclusion of this scientific study is that the reactions are not caused by cosmetic facial fillers, but because the person has an allergic body. At this point, accepting that mRNA vaccines are more allergenic, I recommend that all individuals with a general allergy history, regardless of filling applications, should be in a full-fledged hospital while getting this vaccine. Individuals with cosmetic fillings and no previous history of allergic reactions can have mRNA vaccines safely and with peace of mind. My wish is that vaccines will be made without relying on the unfounded news and the days we can embrace without social distancing and masks will come back. " he spoke.

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