House Prices Fly in Bodrum

house prices flew in basement
house prices flew in basement

In Bodrum, where demand has increased after the coronavirus, it is no longer possible to find a house for every budget. Those who are in good financial situation prefer projects where they can buy all residence services, while those who are looking for cheap houses move to areas that are far from the center but with easy transportation. On the other hand, there are even those who buy land in the district and choose to live in prefabricated houses.

Stating that the interest in Bodrum has increased with the coronavirus, Besa Group Sales and Marketing Coordinator Şule Alp said, “The summer houses in Bodrum were already full after normalization due to reasons such as the density of cases, the noise in the apartments, the lack of walking areas, and the desire to escape from the crowds. “When home office working and distance education were added to this, many people decided to stay in the winter.”

'Depends on what you want'

Stating that it is possible to find a house according to every expectation in the district, Şule Alp said, “It depends on what you want. Those who want to be close to the state institutions and the center prefer regions such as Bitez and Konacık. Those who want to live like a holiday in a hotel are looking for a house in Yalıkavak, Türkbükü and Gündoğan. Yalıkavak, which has an international port, is especially active in summer and winter ”.

They build prefabricated houses

In Bodrum, there is a high interest not only in residences but also in lands. Across Turkey last year June July land sales in August, 45 million this year in the same period 89 million to get that transfer Sule Alba, "Last year in June, July and August this year, the county sold the 1.219 residential, 83,1 percent in this year's same period Increased by 2 to 232 thousand XNUMX. Moreover, the regions of Bodrum that we have not heard of such as Meşelik, Dörtepe, Güvercinlik and Güllük are also preferred. In these regions, which are far from the center but easy to access, people are thinking of building a house by buying land. Some even want to spend this year by building prefabricated buildings, ”he said.

Starts at 1 million

Expressing that it will be inevitable for new projects to be implemented in the district if the sales continue, Alp gave the following information about the real estate market in the district: “Flat prices start from 750.000 Euros in projects with services such as nursery, cleaning and sea taxi, and increase up to 9 million Euros. Those who just want to have a 2 + 1, 1 + 1 house with a sea view should pay 1 million TL. In rental houses, the fees for 2 + 1 houses start from 2500 TL. This fee is twice as much for furnished homes. In addition, there are apartments for rent up to 70 thousand TL depending on the possibilities of the house.

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