President Chooses: 'We Want to Start Metro Construction in a Short Time'

President Chooses: 'We Want to Start Metro Construction in a Short Time'
President Chooses: 'We Want to Start Metro Construction in a Short Time'

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer emphasized that they continue to work without slowing down in order to add value to Mersin in the curfews and said, "We want to start the construction of the subway soon after the tenders are completed."

President Seçer said, “Time is important and valuable to us. Mersin needs service very much. It needs significant investments. Time is precious for him. We have to do our job seriously. We have to do it in a planned and programmed manner. We have to use time well. For this reason, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality; A team working on the fields 7/24, from its president to all of its employees, regardless of the weekend, winter, summer, rain, storm. Our work will intensify even more. We experienced some difficulties brought about by the pandemic. We had to postpone some of our programs and projects. We had to lend a helping hand to our citizens in order to eliminate the negative effects of the pandemic. We turned our attention towards it. Now, on the one hand, we have mobilized all our means to help our citizens in the process of combating the pandemic, but on the other hand, life continues. We need to invest. We need roads, infrastructure and superstructure works. We promised our citizens a rail system in Mersin. The prequalification tender for the first stage of our underground rail system, which is 13.4 kilometers long, has ended. These companies will now compete with the tender on January 29. I hope we want to conclude the tenders in a short time and start the construction of the subway. " used his expressions

"We are working to receive the blessing of the citizen"

Evaluating the positive feedback from the citizens regarding their work, Seçer said, “If you have been able to establish a bond of affection with the citizens, if the citizens show this attitude to you, approach you with love and respect, this is a situation worth the world for us. Already valuable, high quality; Every politician who works for his citizen, for his country only works for this. Citizen's love kazanto pay homage kazanHe works to get his blessing. We are working for him," he said.

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