Mayor Aynacı: 'At what stage is the Gölcük İzmit Metro Project?'

what stage is the president aynaci golcuk izmit metro project
what stage is the president aynaci golcuk izmit metro project

İsmail Aynacı, Chairman of İYİ Party Gölcük District, made important statements about the country and district agenda in his weekly press release. In his statement, President Aynacı said in 2018, "The metro is coming to Gölcük, follow us". We are entering the year 2021, he stated that they have not seen any work yet.

Here are the statements of President Aynacı; Mayor Aynacı said, “First of all, we commemorate our Sarıkamış martyrs with respect and mercy on their anniversaries. We also wish Allah's mercy on all our citizens we lost due to Covid19.

Our party's request is 3.000 TL net minimum wage. It is a great shame that the hunger limit is considered as a criterion in determining the minimum wage in the Turkish homeland. Those who came to power by saying that the ring on my finger is my only wealth with the account of simit tea, entertainment is organized at the palace tables today and the pleasure continues. Our nation, who is constantly invited to painful prescriptions and sacrifices, is waiting with great determination for the day of accounting, that is, the chest.

At what stage is Gölcük İzmit Metro Project?

We will continue to be the voice of the people of Gölcük. In 2018, it was said that the metro was coming to Gölcük. The year was 2021 and the people of Gölcük are still following it. At what stage is the construction of a 21-kilometer rail line between Gölcük-İzmit? His project was tendered and published on the ENT page. Our citizens wonder at which stop they will take the metro? This city is no longer just saying that Kocaeli is the luckiest district, but really expects services that will improve the quality of life.

The facts cannot be hidden by saying that Gölcük is getting huge investments. On the E-5 Highway Kartepe-İzmit-Derince-Dilovası-Gebze line within the boundaries of our province, our citizens can see the sank-outputs and overpasses built to relieve the urban traffic. On the other hand, the D-130 Highway passing through our city has not been found to be a solution to the density given to our city. Although many years have passed over the alternative road starting from Yeniköy boundaries, continuing with Yazi Baş Öğretmenmen Caddesi and ending at Hisareyn Karaköprü intersection, why is the connection with Çiftlik Mahallesi Balabanlar Caddesi still not completed?

Why was Şirinköy excluded from the agenda when it was obvious that it would ease access to the Saraylı, Örcün and Topçular districts by including permanent residences? We expect answers to these questions from the authorities, especially the Metropolitan Municipality, ”he said.

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