Free Digital Education Will Be Provided For Groceries

Free digital training will be given to grocery stores
Free digital training will be given to grocery stores

Ministry of Commerce, Coca-Cola Turkey to be able to get more active in the digital transformation of the grocery store during the outbreak in order to increase their competitiveness through cooperation and launched a new project.

With the “Hand in Hand with my Grocery” project, grocery shop tradesmen in 81 provinces will be given training on various topics from e-commerce to customer relations, from digital marketing to advertising and social media usage.

These trainings can be accessed free of charge from the Ministry's digital training portal, the Virtual Trade Academy. On the other hand, the project will be promoted with mobile trucks in certain provinces.

Successful grocery stores will be awarded the “Most Digital Grocery” certificate after completing the trainings in which solutions that will make life easier for grocery shopkeepers are conveyed to users through entertaining videos. Training " gifts will also be distributed in the draw to be held among the grocery stores that have completed all the stages.

On the other hand, with the signature of Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, a letter inviting all grocery shop tradesmen operating in 81 provinces to the said free training and digital transformation was sent.

More customers and revenue

Pekcan, in the assessment of projects from all over Turkey is operating and the number of tradesmen and craftsmen production reached 2 million and the most important building blocks of the contribution they provide employment for the country's economy, he said.

Stating that the traditional way of trade has been replaced by the understanding of electronic commerce, Pekcan emphasized that it is very important for the tradesmen and craftsmen to follow the innovations and provide the necessary transformation in order to keep up with the changing trade environment.

After the coronavirus epidemic, which negatively affected the whole world, digital transformation and electronic commerce became more important. kazanPointing out that the

“During this period, while various restrictions were imposed around the world, people started to prefer shopping on the internet without leaving their homes. As a result of Turkey in the first six months of last year, 55,9 billion pounds of e-commerce volume increased 64 percent in the first six months of this year rose to 91,7 billion pounds.

In line with this increase, food-market shopping increased more than 4 times compared to the previous year during the epidemic period. Our grocery shopkeepers, whose number is close to 200 thousand, can turn this increase in electronic commerce into an opportunity by adapting to digital transformation.

We, as the Ministry, aim to strengthen our grocery shop trades in electronic commerce and in an increasingly competitive environment with our Grocery Hand in Hand Project that we have implemented. With our trainings, we aim to enable our grocery stores to make digital transformations, to make sales on the internet as well as to increase their sales with different methods, so that they reach more customers and increase their income. On the other hand, our joint work with global companies for our tradesmen will continue. "

Commercial activities will become efficient with digitalization

Coca-Cola Beverage Senior Manager (CEO) Burak Başarır, who emphasized that they are with the tradesmen whose jobs were negatively affected during the epidemic period, also made the following evaluations:

"Coca-Cola is our responsibility to support the food and beverage sector in Turkey as businesses most affected by the pandemic period we accept. We have been with our business partners with promotions and various campaigns in order to be a bridge for businesses to meet their customers again and to minimize the negative effects of the pandemic. Now, together with our Ministry of Trade, we will provide training support to our grocery shopkeepers in order to increase their competitiveness and strengthen their commercial activities in the changing market conditions after the pandemic. "

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