What Does a Vehicle Battery Do? What To Do When The Battery Of The Vehicle Is Dead?

What is the benefit of the vehicle battery, what to do when your vehicle runs out of battery
What is the benefit of the vehicle battery, what to do when your vehicle runs out of battery

Battery, which is one of the most basic parts of vehicles, provides the transmission of electricity in your vehicle and enables the operation of certain parts of the vehicle and is one of the main elements that enable the vehicle to move. For this reason, if the battery is damaged, it means that you cannot drive your vehicle. So, what exactly does this piece so important for vehicles do and what can you do to stay on track if it ends? You can find all the details you need to know about the battery in the rest of the article.

What Does a Vehicle Battery Do?

The task of the vehicle battery in the first place is to transmit the electric current to the starter motor. In addition, when the engine is not running, the vehicle battery sends current to the receivers and ensures the balance of amperage and voltage on the electrical system during engine operation. In this way, it prevents possible damage to the buyers as the voltage generated by the alternator may increase too much during high speed.

Battery has 3 main functions 

  • The accumulator starts the vehicle and the vehicle draws energy from the battery to operate. Damage to the battery means that the vehicle will not start.
  • The battery continues to produce energy even when the vehicle is not running. Because being ready to work depends on the energy it will get from the battery.
  • All electrically operated parts and functions in the vehicle need energy from the battery. Whether the door lock can be used, the headlights can be turned on or the air conditioning and wipers work depends on this.

How To Tell That The Battery Is Running Out?

The battery is one of the most essential parts for vehicle operation. Even when the vehicle is stationary, it collects energy with the help of the battery. This ensures that energy can be used when you need to start the vehicle and the vehicle can be started easily. The battery is charged while the vehicle is in motion. So what happens when the battery is dead?
When the battery is dead, you cannot start the vehicle. This means that you will not find any signs of operation, including electronics, in the car when you start the engine. Of course, your car will not be inoperable only when the battery is dead. Different reasons can also prevent your vehicle from working. It is useful to check the instrument panel of the vehicle so that you can understand that this is caused by the battery. If the panel indicators are not flashing, it means the battery cannot transmit energy.

What Can We Do When The Battery Is Dead?

You may be stuck on the road because you run out of battery, or you may not be able to start because you cannot start your vehicle. The most practical action you can take at such moments is to provide a battery boost with another vehicle. In order to make the battery boost, you or the other vehicle that you will provide the boost must have an energy transmission cable. With this cable, you can transfer the batteries of two vehicles by connecting them. So how do you do that?
  • You can start by asking for help from any vehicle first.
  • Parking the two cars towards each other creates a position that facilitates the transfer by keeping the batteries close to each other.
  •  While connecting the positive end of the cable that you will provide reinforcement by opening the hood of both vehicles to the positive pole of the batteries; Connect the negative end of the cable to the negative pole of the batteries.
  • After completing the connection process, you must first start the vehicle from which the current will be obtained. After keeping the vehicle at idle for a while, increase the speed of the vehicle by pressing the gas at certain intervals.
  • Then try to start the vehicle whose battery is charged. If the vehicle starts, this means that current boost has started. If it doesn't work, give it time to charge for a while.
  • Do not stop your vehicle after completing the reinforcement process. While the vehicle is running, the battery can charge itself. Therefore, by keeping your vehicle in motion for a while, you find the faith to fill up your battery.
Heating may occur in cables during energy boost. Although this situation is normal to a certain level, if you do not pay attention, this heating may cause melting of the plastic material of the cable. In order to minimize the possibility of such situations, it is of great importance that you do not choose poor quality materials. Also, do not neglect to have a fire extinguisher in your car in order to take all precautions during the reinforcement process.
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