Alanya Coastline Bicycle Road Works Continue at Full Speed

alanya beach band bicycle path works continue at full speed
alanya beach band bicycle path works continue at full speed

The works initiated by Alanya Municipality for uninterrupted bicycle path transportation on the coastline between Dinek and Kargıcak continue at full speed. Stating that the Kesintiszi bicycle path was completed until Kestel, Mayor Yücel said that the work started in the Mahmutlar stage.

Continuous work continues to provide comfortable and safe transportation to the Kargıcak neighborhood for a citizen who travels along the coast with his bike from Dinek. Bicycle road projects, which Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel has given great importance to since the first day he took office, continue to develop. The part of the project, which will make the coastline a center of attraction, up to the Kestel District has been completed. The Mahmutlar phase of the project started without wasting time.

Stating that the project will be very beneficial for Alanya and add value to the image and prestige of the city, Mayor Yücel said, “Since the day we took office as Alanya Municipality, we have been giving prestige to our city. kazanWe are signing projects that will continue. We will make the entire coastline a center of attraction. In this project, which we started in order to facilitate transportation by bicycle, we are progressing to the end, pedal by pedal. All work has been completed until Kestel. A person riding his bike from Dinek can provide uninterrupted transportation to Kestel, and work has begun on the Mahmutlar stage. Then we will move on to the Kargicak stage,” he said.

Stating that they work non-stop by adopting the productive municipality understanding as a motto for themselves, Mayor Yücel said, “We aim to bring our country to a modern, livable and sustainable city vision in an effective and productive way by preserving national and moral values. "Our productive understanding of municipalism is a municipalism model that realizes financial, social and physical planning together in order to use our resources effectively and efficiently in all our activities."

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