Two More Key Stages in Akkuyu NGS Construction Completed

Two more key stages have been completed in the construction of akkuyu ngs
Two more key stages have been completed in the construction of akkuyu ngs

Turkey's first nuclear power plant in Akkuyu NPP's second power unit is an important step more complete. The first tier was installed, with the process performed in the interior protection building of the unit.

In addition, the installation of the carrier beam, one of the most important elements of the reactor shaft equipment in the first power unit of the power plant, was also performed. With the passage of these two important stages, all processes foreseen for 2020 at the Akkuyu NGS construction site have been completely completed.

The assembly of the first layer of the inner guard building, which was performed using tower cranes, took 7 days. The sections consisting of a cladding plate and carcass designed to create structural rigidity were assembled individually. With these operations, a total of 5,7 compartments, each 7,5 meters high and about 10 tons in weight, were assembled. With the completion of the assembly, the height of the second power unit reactor shelter building increased to +4,950 meters. In the next step, the sections on the first layer will be fixed by welding together.

The inner guard building is one of the key elements of the reactor section security system. This structure ensures that the reactor building of the nuclear power plant is "sealed" in all operating conditions.

The work done in the first power unit was the completion of the assembly of the carrier beam, a 145-ton welded metal structure made up of radial beams filled with special composite concrete. The Liebherr LR 13000 heavy crawler crane was used for assembly. The beam, with an outer diameter of 9,16 meters, is manufactured from carbon steel. The beam is designed to securely fix the reactor within the concrete shaft. The assembly of the beam, which has the capacity to protect the reactor from all kinds of heavy and seismic loads under all operating conditions of NGS, took a total of 6 weeks. In 3 weeks of this, the construction site assembly of the structure was carried out. In the next stage, the first power unit reactor shaft, concrete pouring works up to +16,500 meters elevation and the reactor kazanIt is planned to install the pressure beam, which is designed to fix the workpiece from the upper side.

Making a statement on the subject, Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş. Sergei Butckikh, First Deputy General Manager and NGS Construction Affairs Director, said:

“I am pleased to announce that we have completed all key processes planned in the Akkuyu NPP construction program this year. The assembly works of the first layer of the inner protection building in the 2nd power unit of the power plant and the carrier beam in the 1st power unit were carried out under the prescribed conditions. While there were no shortcomings regarding the work of the assembly staff, the quality of the works was accepted by a special commission that took the assembly works. I am sure that we will continue to progress without losing our pace next year. "


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