Smart Cars Getting Hacked With Booby Traps

Smart cars get hacked with booby traps
Smart cars get hacked with booby traps

Users revolt against the privacy of smart devices. So much so that in 2021 the attention will be users of serious reproach against the IOT device vendor collects personal data, WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph does not house booby-trapped smart charger against the result would be hacked threatened to warn the owners of smart vehicles.

Consumers' privacy and security concerns about IoT devices are escalating. In 2021, it is estimated that the riots of users against these issues will be heard loudly and the pressure on government channels will increase in this direction. Network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi, advanced endpoint security and multi-factor authentication, a leading global provider WatchGuard Turkey and Greece Country Manager Joseph is not home, used in next year homes and transport equipment against iota device that intense place of cyber attacks and their among booby-trapped smart chargers can cause vehicles to be hacked.

User Revolt Against IoT Devices

In 2021, changes are expected in consumers' stance towards IoT devices. It is anticipated that many users, who are starting to fully understand the privacy concerns associated with smart devices, will increase the pressure against vendors and legislators. Stating that there will be riots of consumers to regulate IoT technology companies for better protection of user data, Yusuf Evmez said that the cause of this change is the cumulative deterioration of privacy brought by the numerous IoT devices that have entered our lives in recent years and the companies' failure to provide the necessary security measures.

Cars Are Hacked With Booby Traps

According to the cyber security predictions prepared by the WatchGuard Threat Lab for the next 12 months, it is estimated that more smart devices will be targeted by hackers. Especially in predictions predicting an increase in smart car attacks, it is pointed out that the biggest potential weakness is the smart charger. Stating that smart car charging cables have a data component that helps them manage charging security, Yusuf Evmez pointed out that “booby-trapped” mobile chargers can be created by hackers and warns vehicle owners that vehicles may be hacked suddenly. Stating that similar vulnerabilities in smart car charging components can cause hackers to start and prevent use of a car, Evmez states that such attacks can even result in car ransomware attacks that prevent a car from charging until payment is made.

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