Adnan Menderes Overpass Isıl Işıl

adnan menderes ustgecidi
adnan menderes ustgecidi

Adnan Menderes Overpass was shining with the visual lighting renovation made by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Maintenance and repair work continues on the overpasses connecting the city center and the coastline. Within the scope of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, the lighting renovations were completed in Adnan Menderes Overpass, one of the three overpasses in the city center.


45 colored LED projectors were used for the lighting works at Adnan Menderes Overpass, which is connected to the Pişmaniyeciler Square, which has been turned into one of Izmit's symbol squares by the Metropolitan. The visuals renewed by the Building Control Department Energy, Lighting and Mechanical Works Branch Management teams also attracted the attention of the residents of Kocaeli. City residents standing on the bridge and taking photos under the renewed visuals immortalized the moment countless days before entering the new year. While the overpass, which was sparkling after the work done, was viewed from the air, the magnificent image created fascinated everyone.

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