The Open Door Keeps Smiling

the open door keeps making the face laugh
the open door keeps making the face laugh

The Open Door unit, which was established within the Ministry of Interior in December 2017, continues to make the citizens happy with the service it provides.

While the awareness of the Open Door units, which serve at 1000 points including 81 provincial governorships and 221 district governorships with approximately 302 personnel, increased by citizens, the number of applications exceeded 4 million 830 thousand. 99% of the applications made were returned.

Open door units that citizens can apply for all kinds of problems, complaints, requests and notices; It becomes a bridge between public institutions and citizens by following the incoming demands sensitively. In this way, while the loss of time for citizens to reach different public institutions and the density of public institutions decreases, the time to produce solutions is also shortened.

Identity Victims Ended with Open Door

Interesting stories are also encountered at Open Doors, which are units that come into direct contact with the citizens. A 70-year-old cancer patient living in Eskişehir was shocked by the foreclosure notices coming to her home after a while after she lost her identity. The problem of NE, which suffered a great deal of grievances due to the companies opened by fraudsters in Kocaeli, even could not get cancer medicines and could not get disabled pensions, was resolved with the coordination and persistent follow-up of the Eskişehir and Kocaeli Open Door units. NE, whose disability pension is also linked afterwards, is now free from the fear of foreclosure and can now easily take their medicines.

Freed From Drug Addiction

CK, who applied personally to the Istanbul Governorship Open Door unit, who resides in Musta, saying “save me from this disease”, explained that he had been using drugs for about 1 year and asked for help. Then the treatment process started. As a result of a three-month work with the Istanbul Governorship's personal follow-up and coordinating the relevant institutions, CK returned to Muş, recovered and free from addiction. He finished the university and got 79 points from KPSS.

Open Door for Violence Against Women On Duty

In cases of violence against women, Open Door units can receive applications and follow up. Again in Eskişehir, a woman who was subjected to violence by her husband, applied to the Open Door unit within the governorship and requested help. In response to this request, a lawyer from the bar association was provided to him, and a decision was taken to remove his violent wife. At the same time, necessary financial aid was provided to the victim of violence through the governorship facilities.

Doors Will Open Even More

Efforts continue to increase the number of Open Door units, whose organization and personnel training are monitored under the Ministry of Interior Strategy Development Directorate.

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