Will Buses, Ankaray and Metro Work in Three-Day Restriction in Ankara?

Do busses work in ankaray and metro in three-day restriction in Ankara
Do busses work in ankaray and metro in three-day restriction in Ankara

By the General Directorate of EGO affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, in order to control the spreading rate of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, in accordance with the Ankara Governorship Provincial General Health Board (UHK) Decision dated 15 December 2020 and numbered 2020/88; The curfew will start at 31:2020 on Thursday, December 21.00, 1, cover all of Friday, January 2, Saturday, January 3, Sunday, and end at 4 on Monday, January 2021, 05.00. Accordingly, the service hours and trips of public transport vehicles have been updated. In the update, the passenger density, which is instantly monitored by the EGO General Directorate Fleet Tracking Center and field inspection officers, was taken into account.

Private Public Buses (ÖHO) and Private Public Transport Vehicles (ELVs) will not work in the curfew that starts at 31:2020 as of 21.00 December 4 and ends at 2021:05.00 in the morning on January XNUMX, XNUMX.

Ankara Metro and ANKARAY Rail System operations will not operate during the curfew period (31 December 2020, 21.00:04 - 2021 January 06.00, 31:2020). The regular scheduled services of our businesses will end at 21.00:21.25 on Thursday, December 21.40, 22.00. However, in order not to victimize our passengers who will transfer, 21.45 from Koru Station, 21.40 from Şehitler Station, 21.50 from Atatürk Cultural Center Station, XNUMX from Dikimevi Station in ANKARAY, XNUMX from AŞTİ Station; A final voyage will be made in all directions (Koru, OSB, AŞTİ, Dikimevi) from Kızılay Station at XNUMX.

On weekdays between 21.00-24.00, EGO buses will provide service on our lines coming from the districts to Ulus-Sıhhiye-Kızılay direction and on the Rail System routes. On our lines that provide ring service to metro stations, a service planning has been made in accordance with the last departure times of the metro networks.

During the curfew on 01, 02, 03 January 2021, EGO buses will continue to be served on alternative routes that will serve on the Rail System lines at the time intervals in the table below.

The current bus departure times and routes can be found on the mobile application of EGO CEP and our Company's website "www.ego.gov.t is”Can be reached at.

EGO buses for alternative rail systems route departure times CLICK HERE

Rail System (Metro and ANKARAY Operations) for departure times and last time hours CLICK HERE

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