What is New Born Child Benefit and How to Get It?

What is newborn child benefit and how to get it
What is newborn child benefit and how to get it

A new baby brings joy and happiness to the house where he was born! You discover with excitement day by day its every move, facial expressions and development. Of course, expenses start to increase during this period. When you say cloth, food, these expense items can force you every day.

The state aims to help mothers who have recently given birth to support their expenses during this period. It organizes various aids in this direction. Newborn child benefit is one of them. So, what is newborn child benefit? Where to apply? You can discover all the details on this subject in our article.

What is New Born Child Benefit?

Newborn child benefit; It is an aid given by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to "all" mothers who give birth. As mentioned earlier, all mothers who have given birth can benefit from this assistance. Well, how much is newborn child benefit?
The amount of newborn child benefit depends on the number of children born. The amount of newborn child benefit for 2020 is as follows:
  • 300 TL for the first child.
  • 400 TL for the second child.
  • 600 TL for three or more children.

What Are The Required Conditions To Receive Child Benefit? 

Although all mothers who are working or not working have a chance to benefit from this assistance, the state requires some conditions from mothers. You can find these terms below:
  • The Republic of Turkey's citizens people who have given birth or need to have a blue card.
  • The mother must apply personally for assistance.
  • This assistance is valid for births made after 15.05.2015.
  • This assistance is not provided for dead births.

How to Apply for Newborn Child Benefit? 

In order to receive this assistance, the family must first go to the relevant population directorate and register the child in the Identity Sharing System (KPS). Afterwards, the petition prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies must be filled in completely and signed. The name of this petition Petition for Birth Assistance Application'Dr.
After completing the petition, you can apply to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services Directorates or Social Service Centers.

How is the Application Results of Newborn Child Benefit Questioned?

Maternity allowance is a cash benefit. This assistance is deposited into PTT accounts on behalf of the mother until the 25th day of the next month following the month of application. Thus, you will have access to help without having to go to any bank.
In order to check whether your application has been accepted or whether the money is deposited, as the right owner personally;
● You can go to the nearest PTT branch,
● You can make online inquiries through the E-Government Gateway,
● You can call PTT Customer Services at 444 1 788 by phone.

How to Inquiry for Birth Pay via E-Government Gateway? 

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