What is İGRUS Interactive Media?


When we ask ourselves what "IGUS" means, we realize that we do not know this word. This word, which has no meaning in the dictionary of the Turkish Language Association, becomes meaningful with the website opened in 2003. The site, which hosts interactive media, has been with you for 17 years and has hundreds of valuable content.

What is Interactive Media?

Interactive media is a means of presenting the corporate structure of a website or a product promotion to the target audience with unlimited image, text and sound opportunities. It is a tool that allows you to present all your content with interactive media in a single environment, with high quality. For example, you can reach your target audience in a more striking way with a game that we will prepare for your product or news.

In developed world countries, interactive, striking and remarkable DVD catalogs are used instead of classical catalogs. A catalog that will be updated periodically will be your most effective advertising tool. Interactive media, which provides the opportunity to present a large number of products in a catalog, is the most striking way of introducing your company and your products to your customers all over the world and enabling them to access these products.

Site, in this sense IGRUS He wanted to create a world that will create content that will interact with people under his brand and presented his content in this way. You should definitely visit this site where fidgety young minds gather and compile information derived from common creative intelligence.

The Igrus site for you https://www.igrus.com We want to introduce. We would like to give brief information about some parts of the site:

Igrus Useful Information

Igrus Useful Information It is possible to reach hundreds of articles about what is in the category, why it is, what is good, how to prepare, how to use, the easiest way, benefits, tips, how to store, how to clean, harms.


The importance of nutrition, what should be done? You can explore our category for tips, tips, all and more.

Culinary tips

You can find various tips that we can use in Fun Delicious Kitchen under this category. We have researched the most important fun method of learning culinary tips, You can find all these under this category. You can adapt whatever suits you.


Tricks, The best method, the easiest way, and the most practical way can be found under this category. Here is a brief useful information in this category ...

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