VAT Discount for Turkish Transporters in Austria Ended

alarming development for road transport in austria
alarming development for road transport in austria

Developments in Austria give a red alert for road transport. Within the framework of the law proposal submitted by the Austrian Green Party to the parliament, it is envisaged that the discount and VAT reduction applied to the diesel fuel purchases of the Turkish carrier from Austria will be terminated by 2021.

It seems that international road transport will also be affected by the measures taken to reduce carbon emissions in Austria. Aiming to reduce carbon emissions by making it difficult for international freight transport vehicles to pass through Austria, Austrian authorities seem to find the solution to eliminate the advantages provided to companies in road transport. In the law proposal submitted by the Green Party to the Austrian Parliament, information that the companies that produce and sell Austrian diesel will end the discount and VAT reduction in diesel purchases from Austria within the framework of the Environmental Reform by 2021, the members are informed to UTIKAD through the Austrian solution partners of the companies. also reached.

UTIKAD Highway Working Group President Ayşem Ulusoy made an assessment about the development that caused concern in road transport companies. Expressing that they are following the process closely, Ayşem Ulusoy; “This critical move of the Austrian government concerns many of our colleagues closely. If this happens, hard days will await our member companies. However, the information we have received is that this proposal was submitted to the government by the opposition, that is, there is no finalized decision yet. Together with our Austrian colleagues and solution partners, we follow the process closely. We will also inform our members of the developments, ”he said.

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